V60 Troubleshooting Featured
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11 Common Hario V60 Brewing Mistakes & How to FIX Them

Are you tired of brewing lackluster coffee with your Hario V60, despite following all the “right” steps? Sometimes it clogs, or flows too quickly, or just doesn’t taste all that great? You’re not alone – even experienced baristas can struggle with this popular pour-over method, as the V60 is notoriously finicky and unforgiving. So today,…

Delonghi La Marzocco Merger

De’Longhi And La Marzocco Merger – Good Or Bad For The Coffee Industry?

The recent merger of De’Longhi and La Marzocco is a big deal in the coffee world. In case you don’t know the story: De’Longhi, a powerhouse in the world of coffee machines, acquired La Marzocco in 2023, which is a much smaller company renowned for its high-end, boutique espresso machines. And this isn’t just about…

Bean Belt Flavors2

What is the Coffee Bean Belt? All You Need to Know About Where Coffee Plants Grow

Billions of people drink coffee every day, but only a coffee enthusiast have some idea about what the Coffee Belt is. Do you? No, it’s not ‘s new fashion trend 😉 If it piqued your curiosity, let me walk you through the complexities of this coffee-rich belt of the world. There’s more to this story than…

Coffee Consumption By Country Statistics Featured

Coffee Consumption Statistics by Country, Per Capita, & More – How the World Drinks Coffee (2024 Report)

Have you ever wondered: How much coffee does the world really consume? I have, so I set out to analyze as many statistics on the topic as I could find. The results are interesting and staggering, and I want to share them with you in this article. You’ll find the stats on the countries that…

Ways To Descale Coffee Maker Featured
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5 Ways to Remove Calcium Deposits From Your Coffee Maker (ByeBye to Hard Water Buildup) 

If you’ve owned your coffee maker for a long time now, then chances are, you’ve encountered those annoying white flakes in your machine.  These are undesirable calcium deposits, infamously known for wreaking havoc on the taste of your coffee beans and potentially depreciating the health value too. Having owned different coffee machines before even becoming…

Coffee Blooming Featured
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What is Coffee Blooming & 6 Reasons Why It’s A Game-Changer for Your Brew

One of the tricks that I always recommend to budding baristas is to bloom their coffee. In my experience, this simple step can really be a game-changer in pour-over coffee brewing. But it’s important to ask: Is coffee blooming really necessary? If you have any doubts about this extra effort for your daily coffee, let…

Espresso Channeling Featured
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How to Prevent Espresso Channeling & Achieve The Perfect Espresso Extraction

Have you ever wondered why your homemade espresso doesn’t quite taste up to the mark? Having made countless espresso shots, I know full well how espresso channeling is a common complaint among beginners and home baristas. It may be a headscratcher, but my years making coffee have given me the knowledge to identify and fix espresso…

Keurig Sickness Mold Featured
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What is Keurig Sickness? Symptoms, Causes, & How to Prevent It

As a barista, I can’t stress enough how important it is to clean your brewing equipment properly. Not only does this keep your coffee delicious and maintain your machine’s tip-top shape, but not doing so can also lead to some health concerns, such as the notorious Keurig sickness. If you’re suspicious about your coffee making you…

Nespresso Pod More Coffee
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Can You Reuse a Nespresso Pod Twice or More? The Truth About Your Capsules

When my friends chat me up about owning a Nespresso machine, they hit me with two common concerns: the hefty price tag and resulting waste. Then, their next question, “Can you reuse a Nespresso capsule? That way both the pricing and sustainability issues are resolved after all.” So no more raising an eyebrow because in…

Peaberry Coffee Bean Featured

What Are Peaberry Coffee Beans? Getting to Know This Tanzanian Gem

Throughout my barista journey, my love for coffee has led me to encounter uniquely flavorful brews. One such discovery that I am particularly fond of is Peaberry coffee beans. However, they are pricier than your average beans which can be quite a deterrent for daily consumption. So you might be wondering, what exactly are Peaberry coffee…

Porlex Mini Review Featured
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Porlex Mini Hand Coffee Grinder Review – Is This Cheap Grinder Good Enough?

I’ve tried numerous coffee grinders and when it comes to budget-friendly options, only a few are actually good enough to produce consistently delicious cups of coffee. In this Porlex Mini review, I’ll discuss if this portable device fits that category. After reading through, you can make an informed decision if the Porlex Mini hand grinder…

Washed Coffee Processing Featured

What is Washed Coffee Processing Method? The Wet Process Explained

Maybe you’ve been making coffee with different brewing methods for years, familiarizing yourself with the variables that can make or your morning cup of coffee. But one aspect that often goes unnoticed is the processing method, meaning how the coffee cherry turns into your coffee bean. One such method is the washed (aka wet) processing…

Natural Coffee Processing Featured

Natural Coffee Processing Method Explained – What Makes Dry Coffee Beans Different?

A friend recently asked me what “natural process” meant in his coffee beans’ package, and why it’s different from “washed” and “honey” processed coffees. Coffee terms can be confusing, I know, but it doesn’t have to be. Lend me a few minutes to discuss with you what natural process or dry process really means, how…

Coffee Processing Methods Compared Featured

Coffee Processing Methods Compared – Natural or Dry, Washed, Honey, & More

Have you ever found yourself shopping for coffee beans and wonder what the natural, washed, and honey processes meant? If you’re not knowledgeable about coffee processing methods, these terms will be confusing. But no worries, your friendly neighborhood barista to the rescue. In this article, I’ll discuss the different coffee processing methods, exploring the natural…

Naked Bottomless Portafilter Featured
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Do You Need to Use a Bottomless Portafilter? Weighing the Pros & Cons of Naked Espresso Brewing

Recently, a friend who is just starting out to make espresso coffee asked me why I opt for the naked (aka bottomless) portafilter, rather than the spouted ones. After giving a brief answer, I knew I also have to share with my readers the benefits of this portafilter type. In this article, I’ll dive into…

Pre Infuse Espresso Featured
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Pre-Infusion in Espresso Coffee: Does It Really Make a Difference?

Have you tried following all the advised variables for your espresso to a T, but still can’t get the espresso shot you hope for? Then there is a technique that might just make all the difference: pre-infusion. Now, you might be thinking, “But isn’t this just another gimmick?” Actually, I was skeptical at first too….

When To Start Espresso Timer Featured
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When to Start Timing Your Espresso Shot? A Barista’s Explainer

Baristas know full well how important precision is when pulling that perfect shot of espresso. Aside from the measurement of the ingredients, temperature, and pressure, another key factor is the timing. Timing plays an essential role in crafting that perfect cup. And yet, there seems to be a never-ending debate on when exactly to start…

Espresso Sparkling Water Featured
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Why is Espresso Served with Sparkling Water? The Benefits of a Sidecar

At a local cafe, I overheard a customer asking why his espresso shot came with a bottle of sparkling water. That’s when I realized that the benefit of the fizzy drink isn’t common knowledge to people, even if they’ve been drinking espresso for years. In this article, I’ll go in-depth on this subject— exploring the…

Black Coffee Weight Loss
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5 Science-Backed Ways Black Coffee Can Help Weight Loss

Are you searching for a natural, delicious, and healthy way to help in weight loss? Look no further than black coffee.  Studies have shown that regular black coffee brewed from fresh ground beans offers numerous health benefits, including facilitating weight loss. Imagine that!  In this article, I will explore 5 interesting ways black coffee can…

How To Drink Espresso
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How To Drink Espresso Like a Pro – Truly Appreciating Each Cup

Whether you’re an espresso aficionado or simply curious about what lies beyond your daily latte order at the local café, join me in discovering the vibrant world that awaits within every tiny cup of espresso. Understanding Espresso Coffee First off, what is espresso? For the uninitiated, espresso is a concentrated coffee beverage brewed by forcing…

How To Clean French Press Featured
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4 Easy Ways to Clean a French Press: Quick, Easy, and Thorough Methods

I’ve been using a French press for brewing coffee for years now, and I know full well that maintaining its cleanliness is essential to making consistently delicious brews every time. To help you keep your French press in tip-top shape, here’s a handy guide for you. In this article, I’ll discuss the different methods to…

Coffee Immersion Featured
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What is Immersion Coffee Brewing? Discover the Different Methods for a Full-Flavored Cup

After years of making my own cup of joe with different brewing methods, I know full well how important extraction is for a full-flavored cup. When it comes to extracting the rich flavors of coffee beans, immersion coffee brewing is a great option. In this article, I’ll explain to you what immersion brewing is and why…

French Press Coffee Bad For You Health Featured
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Is French Press Coffee Bad For You? Uncovering the Truth Behind Diterpenes

If you’re a coffee drinker who likes French press brews, you might have heard about the health concerns surrounding the popular brewing method. But is it really true, or just another myth floating around the internet? In this article, I will delve deep into the topic to provide you with all the facts so we…

Eco Friendly Coffee Tips
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Save More Than Just Money with These 18 Eco-Friendly Home Coffee Tips

It’s easy to fall into the routine of grabbing a cup from your local cafe or using single-serve cups for convenience. We’ve all done it. But have you ever stopped to think about how these habits impact the environment? If you’re thinking that it’s time to make some changes and become more eco-friendly with our…

Coffee Roast Levels Names
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14 Coffee Roast Levels – Explore the Different Degrees From Cinnamon to Italian Roast

When it comes to roast levels, most coffee drinkers would only think of the main degrees: But you’ve probably heard or read other terms that refer to more specific roast levels like City, Half City, and Cinnamon thrown around, especially by specialty coffee roasters, causing you confusion when you just want to get your cup…

What Is Shade Grown Coffee Featured

What is Shade-Grown Coffee? A Guide to Its Benefits, Taste, & Finding the Right One

Have you found yourself shopping for coffee beans and a “Bird Friendly” seal on the packaging caught your curiosity? No, it doesn’t mean you can feed them to birds 🙂 It only certifies that the coffee you’re buying is shade-grown instead of being sun-grown. If this prompts you to ask even more questions, worry not….

How To Make Drip Filter Coffee Featured
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What’s the Best Coffee-to-Water Ratio for Drip Coffee for All Cup Sizes?

Just starting out in making drip coffee? Then you probably have lots of questions in mind as you try to brew the perfect cup. That’s most likely why you’re here, and I’m about to give you the answers you’re looking for. From finding the best coffee-to-water ratio for drip coffee that makes it perfectly balanced…

Can Espresso Keep You Awake
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Can Espresso Keep You Awake? Guide to Understanding Espresso and Its Effects on Sleep

Like you, I love my morning cup of coffee, but I’ve always wondered about the effects of espresso on staying awake. Sometimes I feel as if espresso has no effect, but sometimes I get a jolt of energy.  Can it keep you alert and productive throughout the day or will it disrupt your sleep at…

How To Fold Chemex Filter
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How to Fold a Chemex Filter Like Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide

Did you ever wonder why you’re not harnessing the full potential of your Chemex? The issue may not be with the quality of your beans or water but with something often overlooked: how you’re folding the filter. Chemex filters are different in their laboratory-grade material, shapes, and sizes, so it’s no surprise you’re confused. Folding a Chemex filter is…

Eating Coffee Beans Safety Chocolate Covered Beans
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Can You Really Eat Coffee Beans? A Comprehensive Guide to Doing It Right

Being in the coffee industry, more and more friends have started asking me whether it is safe for them to eat coffee beans. If you’re reading this, you might be considering munching on them yourself. But wait! There are things you should know first about consuming coffee beans: So come explore eating coffee beans with…

How To Store Coffee Beans
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Never Drink Stale Coffee Again: How to Store Coffee Beans for Maximum Freshness

Stale coffee beans are a real waste. They make terrible coffee, but throwing them out = wasting money. This is why I make it a habit to store my coffee beans correctly in order to maintain their maximum freshness. In this article, I’ll take you through all there is to know about storing your supply of…

How To Clean Chemex
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Secrets to a Spotless Chemex – How and When to Clean a Chemex Coffee Maker

As a coffee connoisseur, you know that the beauty of Chemex brewing is in its elegant simplicity. But as with any tool or item used often, it needs to be cleaned regularly. There’s nothing worse than sitting down for your daily cup and getting hit with stale scents from yesterday’s brew… Yuck. In this article, we…

Conical Vs Flat Coffee Grinders
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Conical vs Flat Burr Grinders – The Battle For The Perfect Cup of Coffee

There is a new-age battle between conical and flat burr grinders — each vying for your attention when brewing the perfect cup of coffee. But which is better? As an avid home barista, I know the importance of having the right tools to achieve my desired results. In this case, I’m here to weigh in…

Moka Pot Which Stovetops Featured
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The 3 Different Surfaces Your Moka Pot Will (And Won’t) Work On

Wondering why your Bialetti Moka Express isn’t working on your induction stove? Is your Moka pot brewing espresso a lot slower than expected? This all might have something to do with the surface you’re cooking on. Let’s find out together. Key takeaways Here is a table that answers whether your Moka pot will work on…

Aeropress Water Temperature
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Aeropress Water Temperature: The Missing Link to a Delicious Cup

You may think that boiling water should be used to brew coffee with an AeroPress coffee maker. However, this is just a popular misconception! And while many perceive the water temperature to be insignificant in the brewing process, this is far from the truth. Key takeaway So what is the best water temperature for brewing…

Standard Vs Inverted Aeropress
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Inverted vs. Standard Aeropress Method – Which Makes Better Coffee?

If you’re reading this article, you already know that there are two main ways of brewing coffee on the Aeropress: the standard and inverted methods. Essentially, the difference between these two methods is what position the Aeropress is in when you steep your coffee grinds in hot water: upright (standard) or upside-down (inverted). But there…

Burr Vs Blade Grinder
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The Great Coffee Grinder Showdown: Burr vs Blade Grinders Compared

In this article, I’ll compare these two types of grinders so you can make an informed decision about which type to get. (Hint: burr 😉 ) Key Takeaways: Blade coffee grinders – Should you try them? A blade grinder is basically a mini food processor that chops the beans into small pieces using spinning blades….

Is Roasting Coffee Hard

How is coffee roasted? The complex phases of roasting explained

A raw green coffee bean doesn’t smell or taste anything like what we know as roasted coffee: it smells fresh and grassy. It’s hard to imagine that green beans actually contain around 800 aromatic substances. Sounds like a lot? It is! Wine only has 500 identified aromas, much fewer than coffee. What is coffee roasting,…

Arabica And Robusta Featured 2
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7 Key Differences Between Arabica vs. Robusta Coffee

There are two main types of beans: Arabica and Robusta. While they may look similar, these beans have different flavor profiles and are used differently. There are several key differences between these two types of coffee, with Arabica often considered higher quality. But is it? Let’s have a look at the differences and similarities between…

Third Wave Coffee
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Third Wave Coffee Trends – Changes vs 1st & 2nd Waves + Move to 4th Wave?

If you frequent modern coffee shops, you’ve probably heard the term Third Wave Coffee pop up. Most people haven’t the slightest idea that coffee professionals even differentiate waves in the coffee world, so if you’re looking for some information on the topic, read on. What does Third Wave even mean in the context of coffee?…

Coffee Roast Levels

The 4 Types of Coffee Roasts Compared (Taste, Aroma, Brewing Differences)

Did you know that coffee beans acquire their characteristic flavor only after roasting?  Before roasting, coffee beans are green and taste like grass. Only after reaching one of the four types of coffee roasts will they look, smell, and taste like the coffee beans you are used to. Before I explain the difference between coffee…

Coconut Cloud Review Header
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Coconut Cloud Taste Test: A Non-Dairy, Vegan Creamer to Spice up Your Coffee

Coconut Cloud is the premier maker of instant non-dairy, non-GMO, vegan creamer, cocoas, lattes, and coffee in the USA. It’s a highly recommended gluten-free beverage mix because it comes in portable sticks and canister sizes, allowing you to bring it anywhere in the world without the hassle. Plus, you can use this deliciously dairy-free instant…

coffee meme banner image
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99+ Funny Coffee Memes

Coffee memes are mood, a visual representation of you, or anything that describes you as a whole. Whatever is going on with your life, there’s always a coffee meme that can describe how you feel or the situation you’re in. What’s more interesting, coffee memes appear at the exact moment you least expect it.  Are…

brazilian coffee

Brazilian Coffee: Everything You Need to Know

Are you familiar with Brazilian coffee? Have you experienced what Brazilian coffee tastes like? Is Brazilian coffee stronger than coffee from different regions? What makes Brazil the “King” of coffee exports?  Let’s get to know more about Brazilian coffee that made Americans and other coffee-loving nations fall in love with it. We’ve tried to include…

mexican coffee banner image

Mexican Coffee: A Taste of Culture, Heritage, and Climate

Mexican Coffee is important for American consumers for a variety of reasons: Half a million farmers are currently producing delicious coffee, it’s a relatively close growing region, 60% of organic coffee comes from Mexico, and trade programs help control price volatility to protect vulnerable farmers and their communities. When I first visited Mexico I was…