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Coffee Recipe Book – 70+ Coffee and Espresso Drinks to Make at Home

Whenever I get passionate about something, my first instinct is to get a book about it.

The same goes for my journey as a barista. When I was starting, I read numerous books about coffee, its history, brewing techniques, and recipes. These fueled my passion even more and directed me to the right path.

I’m sure reading such books can also impart the same effect on you as you explore the amazing world of coffee.

Introducing the Home Barista Handbook

After years of chronicling my barista experience here at, I’ve now published a coffee cookbook.

The Home Barista Handbook is a comprehensive guide to everything coffee. It’s packed with recipes, tips, and valuable knowledge about this global beverage.

Barista Must-Have
Home Barista Handbook

Tom Fontana wrote and co-published the Home Barista Handbook filled with colorful coffee recipes, brewing tips and techniques, and other valuable information about coffee such as its history, culture, and more.

  • 70+ coffee recipes
  • Full color photographs
  • Expert tips and techniques
  • Discover coffee's history and culture

New release, discounted price for a limited time!

Whether it’s for your own coffee table or a gift to a coffee-loving friend, this book is a nifty compendium for anyone who appreciates coffee even just a little.

What’s Inside?

Here are the things that you’ll find inside the Home Barista Handbook:

  • Over 70 Coffee Recipes: Enjoy a wide collection of coffee drink recipes that can cater to your different moods and preferences, including classic espresso drinks, luscious lattes, chilled coffee beverages, coffee cocktails, and even dairy-free creamers and syrups.
  • Full-Color Photos: Flipping through the pages is a pleasure with the accompanying photos for the recipes, inspiring you even more to recreate each drink!
  • Educational Value: Discover the rich history and culture of coffee and its long journey to your cup. Learn about coffee farming practices, processing methods, and roasting techniques up to the different ways it is brewed.
  • Tips and Techniques: Whether you’re a rookie or trying to hone your skills further, you’ll also get additional tips and insights to improve your brewing.

Here are a few pages of the book.

If you’re want to browse delicious coffee and espresso drinks to make at home, our site, always has you covered with loads of online coffee recipes.

But if you’re like me who also likes to flip through the pages of a book, you can also buy the Home Barista Handbook. It is only available on Amazon for the moment, but I hope to release it to other stores as well soon.

Why Choose Coffee Recipe Books?

I know most would think that instead of getting a book, why not just search things up on the internet? For me, the two can go hand-in-hand with each other for a more effective learning experience.

Sure, the internet offers the utmost convenience wherever and whenever, but there are still numerous advantages to reading a book that I stand by:

  • Reading is a journey: Unlike the common come-and-go approach when looking up something online, reading is generally a one-directional journey. It’s designed to gradually increase your knowledge as you go, preparing you before you go deeper into your chosen topic.
  • Deeper connection: When reading a book, I always find it more insightful and gives you a glimpse of the way the author thinks, also shaping you to have the same mindset in the process.
  • Easy-to-read recipes: As for the recipes, I really prefer having something I can easily read rather than keeping up with a video recipe. Also, discovering new recipes is way easier because a coffee cookbook has all of them laid out for me to check out.

One more thing, I just really like having colorful, picture-filled books displayed in my home. Some are my coffee table books, acting as subtle conversation starters especially when I have visitors who turn out to be big fans of coffee as well 🙂

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  1. Can you clarify the level of detail provided on the brewing techniques? Is there enough depth for a coffee aficionado, or is it more geared towards novices?

    1. It is meant for aspiring home baristas who want to up their game with plenty of detailed brewing methods, so in response to your question, I would say novice to intermediate level. But super serious, deeply science based questions like using a refractometer to compare the total disolved solids in espresso A vs espresso B, such things are not part of this book.

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