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Bean Belt Flavors2

What is the Coffee Bean Belt? All You Need to Know About Where Coffee Plants Grow

Billions of people drink coffee every day, but only a coffee enthusiast have some idea about what the Coffee Belt is. Do you? No, it’s not ‘s new fashion trend. If it piqued your curiosity, let me walk you through the complexities of this coffee-rich belt of the world. There’s more to this story than you…

Espresso Coffee Beans Featured

The Best Espresso Beans in 2023: Top Coffee Picks of a Barista

Having worked as a barista for years, I know that dialing in the perfect espresso shot is no easy feat and various factors can make or break your final cup. It all really begins with choosing the best coffee beans for your espresso. Let me tell you though, this shouldn’t be complicated at all. In this detailed…

Robusta Vs Arabica Commodity Prices

How Coffee Prices Changed Over The Years – Statistics of Coffee Costs

When I was just starting out as a barista and heard how little coffee farm workers make, I wondered how the prices for coffee can be so high, when producers get so little. Granted, there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes. From the planting and harvesting, to roasting, packaging, brewing, and…

Coffee Consumption By Country Statistics Featured

Coffee Consumption Statistics by Country, Per Capita, & More – How the World Drinks Coffee (2023 Report)

Have you ever wondered: How much coffee does the world really consume? I have, so I set out to analyze as many statistics on the topic as I could find. The results are interesting and staggering, and I want to share them with you in this article. You’ll find the stats on the countries that…