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Coffee Journal and Log Book

I’ve been a coffee enthusiast since even before becoming a barista, and one of my habits that has been most helpful/insightful throughout the years is coffee journaling. It’s a ritual that allows you to appreciate every subtle nuance and note of your daily grind, level up your barista knowledge and palate, and remember even the people…

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Delonghi La Marzocco Merger

De’Longhi And La Marzocco Merger – Good Or Bad For The Coffee Industry?

The recent merger of De’Longhi and La Marzocco is a big deal in the coffee world. In case you don’t know the story: De’Longhi, a powerhouse in the world of coffee machines, acquired La Marzocco in 2023, which is a much smaller company renowned for its high-end, boutique espresso machines. And this isn’t just about…

Baratza Esp Review Featured

Baratza Encore ESP Review – Is This Coffee Grinder Worth It in 2024?

If you’re always on the lookout for the best equipment for making great espresso, then one of the standout grinders of recent times is the new Baratza Encore ESP grinder. An upgrade to the popular Encore grinder, this new device promises more features to cater to the espresso-loving crowd. But is it worth the hype? I’ll answer…

Amaretto Coffee Recipe Featured

Amaretto Coffee Recipe – Learn How to Make This Spiked Coffee

I’ve been brewing coffee using different methods for many years now, but it was only a few months back that I got into coffee cocktails. One particular concoction that I love also hails from the land of my favorite brew, Italy, the home of espresso. This Amaretto Coffee recipe delivers a smooth and nutty beverage…