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Coffee Maker Reviews

Hario V60 Review Featured

Hario V60 Review – Taste Test & Barista’s Real Opinion

In my years crafting all kinds of coffee with the different brewing methods and devices that I could get my hands on, the Hario V60 is one that really stands out with such simplicity. If you’re wondering what makes this pour over brewer a popular pick among baristas and coffee lovers alike, then you’re in…
Chemex Review Featured

In-Depth Chemex Review: My Brewing Experience & Coffee Quality

Being a barista, I’ve seen and tried my fair share of brewing methods. But there’s one that has always captivated my attention with its elegance and simplicity: the Chemex Coffee Maker. If you’re curious about what makes this glass masterpiece so alluring and how it compares to other brewing techniques, grab your favorite mug, settle…

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French Press Vs Chemex

French Press vs Chemex: Brewing Showdown – A Barista’s Analysis

The French press and Chemex are two of the coffee brewers that I really appreciate due to their classic styles. But setting that aside, I can’t help but ask, which one’s better? This led me to write this in-depth comparison of these two iconic brewing methods. In this article, I’ll discuss the different features of…

French Press Vs Coffee Pod Nespresso

French Press vs Coffee Pods (Nespresso & Keurig): Coffee Pro’s Deep Dive

Whenever the topic is convenience in coffee makers, the words “French press” and “coffee pod machines” are often thrown around. Still, the question remains, which one’s better? Both have gained popularity for their ease of use and unique flavors, but picking one may not be a simple this or that. In this article, I share…

French Press Vs Pour Over

French Press vs Pour Over: The Battle of the Best Brews (Barista’s Verdict)

Whenever friends ask me for manual brewers I’d recommend, the French press and pour-over methods are high on my list. But then I often get asked next, which of these two is better? Both French press and pour over have taken the specialty coffee world by storm, each with its own unique approach to extracting…

French Press Vs Espresso

French Press vs Espresso: What’s Special in Each (A Barista’s Review)

I’ve tried countless brewing methods to satisfy my caffeine cravings. So every time I come across someone who swears by either French Press or espresso, it leaves me wondering, which one is truly the superior choice? With both methods gaining immense popularity in recent years, it’s really hard to pick a clear winner. That’s why…

French Press Vs V60

French Press vs Hario V60 – Barista Answers Which Your Next Brewer Should Be

The French Press and Hario V60 are just two of the popular ways to manually brew delicious coffee, but I often get asked, which one’s better? The thing is, there’s no simple answer to this comparison. But to help you make the choice of which brewer is perfect for you and your needs, I’ll discuss…