coffee to water ratio calculator

Coffee-to-Water Ratio & Dose Calculator

Do you always forget the proper coffee-to-water ratio for various brewing methods? Do you find using a calculator to get precise dosages cumbersome?

Our coffee-to-water ratio and dose calculator is here to help. It not only tells you the industry standards for coffee ratios, but it will also calculate the amount of coffee and water you need for given yields. Using it is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Click on your brewer
  2. Set your desired coffee dose or yield using the slider
  3. Optionally modify the ratio for weaker or stronger coffee using the buttons
Coffee to Water Ratio Calculator
Aeropress 1:15
Chemex 1:16
Hario V60 1:15
Drip Machine 1:16
Moka Pot 1:8
Cold Brew 1:5
French Press 1:15
Siphon 1:14
Cupping 1:18

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One Comment

  1. This calculator is great for someone who is always experimenting with different brewing methods like I am. I’ve been using my memory and a scale to measure my coffee and water, but this takes out all the guesswork. And it’s really interesting to see the different ratios for each type of brewer on this page — I never would have guessed that a Moka Pot would have such a strong ratio compared to an Aeropress. Thanks, Tom, for creating this nifty tool.

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