“Life begins after coffee.” We all know that feeling, right? This simple truth is what makes coffee the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world. It’s more than just a drink, it’s a daily ritual, a moment of pause, and for many, the start of something great.

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Tom Fontana – head barista at BigCupOfCoffee.com

I’m Tom Fontana, and it’s this universal love for coffee that inspired me to work on BigCupOfCoffee.com. I’m not just a coffee enthusiast: I’m a certified barista with years of hands-on experience in the world of coffee, from pulling espresso shots in a busy café to exploring the coffee plantations of Costa Rica.

My journey into coffee began in college, working at a local café. It was there that I developed not just a love for coffee, but a real understanding of what makes a great cup. Learning the art and science behind coffee brewing, I was fascinated by how changing a single variable could transform the taste.

After getting my barista certification, I deepened my knowledge by exploring the source of coffee itself. In Costa Rica, I witnessed firsthand the careful process of coffee production – from the nurturing of coffee plants to the intricate steps of bean selection and roasting. This experience wasn’t just enlightening; it was transformational.

But let’s keep it real – my daily coffee routine is pretty straightforward nowadays. Each morning, I brew a cup (or two) at home, varying between a robust espresso and pour over. Sharing this ritual with my wife is one of the simple pleasures of our mornings. I like my coffee black, but sometimes indulging in a caramel macchiato feels great.

Beyond coffee, I’m also a guitar teacher, blending melodies with the rhythm of brewing. I believe in mastering your craft, whether it’s creating the perfect blend or strumming a chord.

At BigCupOfCoffee.com, we’re serious about coffee. From in-depth brewing guides to reviews of the latest gear, everything is backed by years of experience and a deep understanding of what makes coffee great. It’s not just about selling products; it’s about sharing knowledge and a passion for coffee.

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Lover of life and consumer of dark craft coffee.

Gregariously grounded, whimsically witty, and remarkably resolved.

Ambassador of the new green economy and adventure enthusiast with over 20+ years of experience in technology and small business.

Coffee, Community Engagement, Volunteering, Dogs, Cycling, Trail Running, Education, Personal Development, Making People Smile


Adam loves coffee in copious amounts at any time of day or night.

20+ Years Management Experience in Small Business, Cinema Operations, Hospitality, Film Production, Sales, Tourism, Profit and Non Profit organizations. My skills are highly transferable and I am, personally, highly adaptable, funny, charming, and sensitive to the needs of my colleagues/clients.

Coffee, Cycling, DIY, Travel, Trail Running, Dogs, Coffee and All Things Related to Learning New Languages.


Cheryl loves her coffee the stronger the better! 

For more than 3 years, she actively supports small to medium enterprises with meaningful content. She also enjoys assisting start-ups with her practical social media management skills and sees delight in posting engaging content with a little bit of sass.

Coffee, Reading, writing, and dogs.

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