My name is Tom Fontana, welcome to I’ve always loved coffee, and I want to convey my passion for it to you via this website.

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My story with coffee

I started drinking coffee when I was in college. It was a great way to wake up in the morning and get myself going. I would always drink it black, with no sugar or cream. I found that it made me more alert and awake, and I loved the taste. Drinking coffee quickly became a part of my daily routine and became a special treat that I looked forward to every day.

Now, years later, I still enjoy drinking coffee every day. It’s become a part of my identity and something that I love.

In 2022, I chose to deepen my knowledge about coffee making by completing a Barista course at the Barista Campus of Budapest.

As a barista, you learn a lot about coffee. You learn how to grind the beans, how to brew the perfect cup of coffee, and how to froth milk for latte art.

You also learn about different types of coffee, from light roasts to dark roasts. And of course, you learn about all the different ways to make coffee, from cappuccinos to espresso.

I knew a lot about coffee before, but this was exactly what I needed to take it to the next level.

Will I be opening a café sometime in the future?


But until then, will be where I talk and share everything I know.

Tom Barista Diploma
Tom Barista Diploma 2

The original team

The site was originally created and run by the wonderful folks below.


Lover of life and consumer of dark craft coffee.

Gregariously grounded, whimsically witty, and remarkably resolved.

Ambassador of the new green economy and adventure enthusiast with over 20+ years of experience in technology and small business.

Community Engagement, Volunteering, Dogs, Cycling, Trail Running, Education, Personal Development, Making People Smile


Adam loves coffee in copious amounts at any time of day or night.

20+ Years Management Experience in Small Business, Cinema Operations, Hospitality, Film Production, Sales, Tourism, Profit and Non Profit organizations. My skills are highly transferable and I am, personally, highly adaptable, funny, charming, and sensitive to the needs of my colleagues/clients.

Cycling, DIY, Travel, Trail Running, Dogs, Coffee and All Things Related to Learning New Languages.


Cheryl loves her coffee the stronger the better! 

For more than 3 years, she actively supports small to medium enterprises with meaningful, SEO-optimized content. She also enjoys assisting start-ups with her practical social media management skills and sees delight in posting engaging content with a little bit of sass.

Reading, writing, and dogs.