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Porlex Mini Hand Coffee Grinder Review 2024 – Is This Cheap Grinder Good Enough?

I’ve tried numerous coffee grinders and when it comes to budget-friendly options, only a few are actually good enough to produce consistently delicious cups of coffee.

In this Porlex Mini review, I’ll discuss if this portable device fits that category.

After reading through, you can make an informed decision if the Porlex Mini hand grinder fits your needs and preferences. I’ll also offer some alternatives that you might want to consider in your search for your next coffee grinder.

Summary: Porlex Mini Grinder Review

The Porlex Mini is a budget-friendly grinder that offers high portability, impressive performance for the price, and great durability, all for an affordable cost. As the “Mini” moniker suggests, it’s very compact with a 20g capacity and could even fit inside an AeroPress. Its stainless steel body also further allows it to be a worry-free gadget in your backpack pocket when outdoors.

Its style might underwhelm, but it delivers in function. I was able to produce consistent grinds smoothly – be they fine or coarse– across different brewing methods thanks to the Porlex Mini’s spring-loaded ceramic burrs. 

It is not suitable for dialing in espresso though, but truth be told, not many grinders are.

If it’s about lower-priced coffee grinders, the Porlex Mini has a lot to offer. It’s not perfect, especially if compared to premium grinders, but it gets the job done properly and that’s more than enough if you’re looking to brew great coffee without breaking the bank.

Porlex Mini

The Porlex Mini is a compact, portable manual coffee grinder with a durable stainless steel body and spring-loaded ceramic burrs. It produces consistent grinds for various brew methods. Though basic in design, this budget-friendly device delivers reliable performance on-the-go.


  • Sturdy stainless steel build
  • Consistent grind quality with ceramic burrs
  • Versatile for different brew methods
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Plain and simple aesthetic
  • Ceramic burrs are not as durable as steel
  • 20g capacity may be small for some
  • No double bearings, not for espresso

Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder Features

Now let’s get into the details of this manual grinder. I’ll go in-depth on the features of the Porlex Mini:

Simple Look & Sturdy Build

Discussing its design and aesthetic appeal, the Porlex Mini is a compact grinder with a minimalist stainless steel body accented by a black center grip and handle knob. It’s not the most premium-looking burr grinder, but it gives off the impression that it’s all about getting the job done.

The grinder is also built to last, with its stainless steel construction protecting the ceramic burrs that won’t rust. Overall, the Porlex Mini may sport a simple look but it does not compromise on durability.

Spring-loaded Ceramic Burrs for Consistency

The Porlex Mini uses ceramic conical burrs in its grinding, which are known for maintaining better precision and consistency over time compared to their steel counterparts.

Porlex Mini Burrs

Their spring-loaded feature also keeps the grinder stable even for coarse grinds, which further helps in producing consistent results. This is quite evident when I’m using this grinder because, in my experience with other entry-level models, they tend to show inconsistencies from time to time. The Porlex Mini, however, delivered uniform grinds every time.

A Versatile Device for Different Brews. Except espresso.

The Porlex Mini also provides versatility for coffee lovers of varying preferences. It can handle a wide range of brewing methods, making it suitable for different tastes and moods.

It has given me good results when making coffee with my Hario V60, Moka pots, French press, and even my espresso machine. Its impressive adaptability across these different brew styles showcases just how versatile this little powerhouse truly is.

You do not want to grind for espresso with it though. It took about 3 minutes to grind my 18g dose, so you don’t want to be doing that all the time. This is a cheap grinder, so it does not have double bearings to make grinding faster.

Porlex Mini Grind Settings

Here’s a guide to the recommended grind settings for each method:

Turkish Coffee2-4
Hario V6022-25
Cold Brew36-40
French Press42-48

Simple to Use and Maintain

I also love how operating the Porlex Mini is so easy and straightforward. As with all hand grinders, it may take some learning curve and experimenting when you’re just starting out, but disassembling this grinder, adjusting the settings, reassembling, and grinding are all a breeze once you get used to it.

Cleaning and maintaining this Porlex grinder is also pretty simple. Simply use a soft brush to remove any leftover coffee grounds, and if necessary, rinse the burrs under warm water. I recommended that you clean it regularly—once or twice a month—to keep it in tip-top shape.

Comfortable and Stable Grinding

Another nice feature of this grinder is that it’s comfortable to use when I grind. It has a plastic sleeve that gives me a good grip while the hand crank is easy to hold and rotate. I can also feel that grinding with the Porlex Mini is really smooth, thanks to its spring-loaded ceramic conical burrs.

Compact and Portable with Decent Capacity

One of its most defining features, the Porlex Mini ups the portability of hand grinders. Weighing only 8 ounces and standing at just 5 inches tall and less than 2 inches in diameter (smaller than a soda can), this little device can even fit inside an AeroPress.

The sleeve also has a holder where you can fit the handle when this mini grinder is not in use. With its size and sturdy build, you can put this grinder in your bag and go on adventures without worries. The 20g capacity for coffee beans is also enough for a cup or two of great coffee in one go.

Low Cost with Great Value for Money

The Porlex Mini is an entry-level grinder, making it an affordable investment especially if you’re looking for a dependable grinder without breaking the bank. It’s simple and straightforward in its features, delivering quality grinds without the fuss.

Its body didn’t opt for the lower-priced aluminum but the more durable stainless steel, and its ceramic burrs are also generally more expensive than their steel counterparts. So judging by its materials and overall performance, this compact grinder from Porlex offers excellent value for money.

Porlex Mini Hand Coffee Grinder Alternatives

As a coffee enthusiast, you want to be sure that your chosen grinder is exactly what you need, if not more. That’s why it’s ideal that you also check out some alternatives to the grinder you’re eyeing.

Here’s a quick look at some other popular grinders on the market that can compete closely with the Porlex Mini:

Timemore C2 Max vs Porlex Mini

The Timemore C2 Max is a really good budget grinder, and it’s just a few bucks more expensive. Compared to the Porlex Mini, it looks more premium in two variants: checkered gray and smooth white. While its aluminum body is also durable, the Porlex Mini’s steel construction has the advantage. Both are compact enough to fit an AeroPress.

As for the performance, the C2 Max’s 38mm stainless steel conical burrs offer boosted precision over the Porlex Mini through its CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) manufacturing, which is the leading technology in shaping such materials. Read more about it in my review of the Timemore C2 Max.

Hario Skerton Pro vs Porlex Mini

Another entry-level grinder, the Hario Skerton Pro also opts for ceramic material in its burrs that continue to provide consistent and precise grinds over time. While it’s also pretty compact, it has a unique pot-shaped design that has its own appeal compared to its cylindrical competitors such as the Porlex Mini. Plus, it can grind up to 60g of coffee in one go.

The drawback with the Hario Skerton Pro is that the plastic and glass construction, combined with its bulky shape, makes this budget-friendly grinder not as portable as the Porlex Mini.

1Zpresso Q2 vs Porlex Mini

1Zpresso’s manual coffee grinders have a great reputation among coffee lovers, so it’s natural to consider their compact offering: the 1Zpresso Q2. Its size also allows it to fit inside an AeroPress, and its 20g capacity matches with the Porlex Mini.

What I like most about the Q2 is the wide grind size range and the quick disassembly feature that makes it easier to use and clean. However, when comparing prices, the Porlex Mini is the clear winner in affordability.

If you’re still looking for more grinders to choose from, check out my roundup list of the best manual burr grinders in 2024.

Porlex Mini II vs Porlex Mini

You might want to consider going for the Porlex Mini II instead of the OG Porlex Mini if you have some extra budget.

The second version of this grinder sees some improvements to its predecessor, such as the speed. It can grind 1.3 times more ground coffee with the same number of rotations. Their adjusted burrs also provide a more consistent and stable grinding.

The Mini II also comes with a flat wing nut, which is better than the pentagonal nut of the Mini which is prone to wear and tear. Other than these changes, the two Porlex grinders share the same features that longtime users have loved about this portable grinder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To help you get to know the Porlex Mini better, here are answers to some questions about this grinder:

Can Porlex Mini grind for espresso?

Yes, as mentioned above, it is one of the brewing methods that Porlex Mini can accommodate. You can set your grind settings between 9 to 12 clicks when trying to find that sweet spot for your shots.

BUT you do not want to grind espresso fine with this grinder, it takes too long.

Is the Porlex Mini suitable for traveling?

Absolutely. This Porlex grinder is designed with portability in mind. The compact size and lightweight construction make it an ideal choice for travelers who want to enjoy freshly ground coffee wherever they go.

Can the Porlex Mini grind other substances aside from coffee?

While this grinder is primarily designed for grinding coffee beans, it can also be used to grind other substances like spices and herbs. I wouldn’t recommend it though, because while you can clean it afterward, it’s safest not to use it outside of brewing to make sure no other flavors will affect your extracted coffee. You wouldn’t want your next cup of coffee tasting like black pepper now, would you?

Does the Porlex Mini have a warranty?

I haven’t encountered a problem with my Porlex Mini even after frequent use. However, if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, Porlex offers a 30-day return policy for unused items and a 7-year warranty for products sold in North America directly from Porlex or its authorized resellers. For those sold elsewhere including online marketplaces, you can refer to the seller or platform directly for warranty terms.

My Final Verdict

So, is the Porlex Mini worth it in 2024? If budget is a big factor in your decision, then I’d say yes, as this grinder has a lot to offer for its entry-level price point if you’re brewing using alternative methods, like the V60 or Chemex.

It’s portable, durable, and delivers decent performance in grinding coffee beans for different brewing methods, but not espresso. This is especially a great choice if you’re just starting out with using manual grinders.

But since it’s really just as good as its cost could allow, you can also consider a few alternatives if you have more room in your budget. After all, you get what you pay for, and while this grinder gets the job done, more premium models will generally do it better.

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