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99+ Funny Coffee Memes

Coffee memes are mood, a visual representation of you, or anything that describes you as a whole. Whatever is going on with your life, there’s always a coffee meme that can describe how you feel or the situation you’re in. What’s more interesting, coffee memes appear at the exact moment you least expect it. 

Are you feeling down lately? See the 99+ funny coffee memes we’ve gathered for you while you sip your morning coffee. Enjoy!

Memes for What Coffee in the Morning Feels like…

When you take that first cup of coffee in the morning, it makes you feel you’re reborn again. Energized and ready to face the day full of challenges (and Karens).

When you wanted to inform everybody how coffee transforms you to be a better version of yourself.

Every time your coffee is ready, you’ll always go the extra mile to get the first cup. 

Coffee is responsible for why people get things done right on the knick of time. So imagine life without coffee. Nothing gets done!

The struggle is always real before coffee, but if you want to get that cup of coffee in the morning, every battle is worth it.

If you’re expecting someone to get ready first thing in the morning, better make sure if they are properly caffeinated. If not, you’ll be waiting in vain.

Only coffee drinkers will understand how this magical drink can make our minds at peace. It clears our heads and makes us be on top of things always. Just don’t get interrupted in between sips.


When you feel like it’s getting worse if you’re not given a cup of coffee in the morning, FAST!

There’s a point in our life that we don’t know what we’re doing, but it’s not acceptable when it comes to coffee. We have to be cautious with what lands in our coffee… Or else will be drinking a lousy coffee.

When Coffee is Your Mood

You’re pretty much in the mood to talk with earthlings once you have your first cup of coffee in the morning. So it’s best to give people an early warning on the best time to talk to you. Before or after coffee? Choose wisely. Their survival HIGHLY depends on it.

What likely happens when you upload your Tinder profile picture before and after coffee. So better drink your coffee first.

If you want to start your day with a good morning coffee, choose the freshest beans that capture your palate. Not following your heart can ruin the mood for coffee. 

Everything is possible with coffee. It’s the driving force that makes us get through from “Manic Monday” to “Thank God, it’s Friday!”

It’s the worst feeling in the morning once you realize you’ve run out of coffee. It’s a terrible feeling. The best solution to fight depresso? Get coffee subscriptions!


Anyone can be a tyrant when it comes to their precious coffee. Better not touch anybody’s coffee by getting yourself your favorite beans.

Coffee is delicious and motivating, especially in the morning. If your coffee gets missing, every ultra Liam Neeson mode in us will surely fire up just to find the culprit.


Are you feeling down? Drink coffee. Were you feeling bored? Drink coffee. Want to have peace of mind? Drink coffee. In all the ups and downs, coffee is always the best answer to get your thinking straight.

A caffeine fix is an excellent way to fix yourself in the morning. So if you don’t be vulnerable to those people who annoy you, it’s best to preprogram your coffee machine ASAP!

When drinking coffee, that’s the only time we were able to reflect on ourselves. We began to think of what have we accomplished so far? Or is there still enough coffee left in your pot to continue your reflection and retrospections.

You’ll know if a person cares about you when they know that coffee is the only thing that can keep you sane.

The best coffee is always black. It allows you to taste the raw flavors of the coffee beans without the sugar and the milk. It’s bold and mysterious.


That look when people are not serious about your coffee drinking habits. It feels like a joke when you are asked if you like decaf over regular coffee.

Coffee Meme as the Epitome of Strength

Coffee comes in varying strength, and those that can drink bold, strong coffee are most likely the winners. But what about those who drink coffee with milk and other additives?

Real men enjoy black coffee without the fancy stuff. Reread it.

When you’re too doubtful about yourself, whether you need another cup of coffee or not, yet, you’re not Batman, so you need coffee.

There’s no attitude stronger than your coffee.

It feels like when you only have 2 hours of sleep, but you need to get up to work, and coffee is the only thing that keeps you going.


Once you start drinking coffee, whether it’s hot or cold, once you crave it, you’ll drink coffee.

Coffee makes you super productive. It helps you get focused and systematic. Yet, even though you’re already done with your task, the coffee can still make you do things that you don’t want to. So keep your coffee drinking counts at bay.

What it feels like trying a commercialized coffee for the first time when you’ve been drinking home-brewed coffee for your entire life,

How Americans see tea drinking and coffee drinking. 

When Coffee is the ONLY Solution!

If you find yourself doubtful in anything you do, drink coffee. It will help you with almost everything. Here’s why coffee is the only solution you can count on.

When you want to stay home but no excuses to give, that will allow you to be at home. Well, coffee got your back.

Coffee is the only beverage that makes you reasonable… as long as your pot doesn’t go out of coffee. You’re pretty much safe from any murderous intent.

Morning coffee is the only reason that keeps us stable amidst the chaos. Don’t believe me? Try not to have coffee any time of the day, and you’ll realize it’s better joining the dark side.


A real prince knows how to wake up your senses… the smell of a freshly brewed coffee!

Coffee awakens your creative juices. Once you get to the bottom of your cup, it pokes your brain to start working


Coffee helps you to think better and prevent you from doing things you’ll regret later. 

Deciding if you need coffee or not is daunting, but we’ll make it simple for you with this coffee drinking chart.

As long as it can prepare you good coffee every morning, it’s a purr-fect deal.

If you want to keep it low, better make coffee.

Books allow you to travel anywhere you want, but coffee gives you a more enjoyable, round-trip ticket to visit those places.

What is Life without Coffee?

Ever wonder what life would be without coffee? I still haven’t because I keep my coffee arsenal locked and loaded.

When coffee is the only thing that makes doing something more enjoyable and productive.

When you know, coffee is the only thing that makes our bodywork at its best. 

The Ottoman Turks mastered the art of making coffee. The coffee is brewed with spices such as cinnamon, cardamon, cloves,  and anise. They love coffee so much that it became part of people’s gatherings, critical thoughts, and discussions as well as political debates. 

Starting your day with coffee keeps things in places. Yet, if you didn’t start your day with it, imagine the chaos it could bring to you.

It’s hard to comprehend anything in the morning if you fail to drink a cup of coffee.

Loving is not owning. We can always let go. But if they come back with your favorite beans, it’s a keeper.

Before you do something else in the morning, never skip drinking coffee. It will end up either with a sweet date or a court date.

Coffee makes us think critically, and we always end up going for refills to ponder those thoughts more. Ever wonder why Superman wears his tights first instead of his underwear?

When you keep making yourself believe that coffee keeps you grounded.

If coffee hasn’t been discovered, what do you think will keep us awake?

Look what coffee MADE you do!

We don’t consume coffee. Coffee consumes us to do things that are a bit out of our way. When you do something we least expect it, coffee is always our scapegoat. Here are some coffee memes that best describe it.

When you’re trying to make an explosive latte art but want to keep it lowkey at the same time.

There’s nothing prouder than roasting the coffee that you cultivated in your backyard so that you can have unlimited coffee for free.

When you don’t care about how difficult it is to get your coffee.

How coffee beans are discovered in a nutshell.

Any coffee businessman can learn a thing or two from him.


What it feels like when someone is talking bad about your favorite beverage.

College students are like when late in classes.

When you can’t get enough coffee, so you look for more coffee, even if it hurts you.

When coffee is at the top of your priority list, and the rest are second.

When your coffee’s temperature is no longer an issue, and your tongue got used to it.

Getting a Hold of your Coffee Addiction

Coffee is a delectable beverage that often makes us drink it more than water. Its mouthfeel and flavor are addictive, that some people almost substitute drinking water with coffee. Every coffee addict can relate to these memes.

When you want to follow your doctor’s advice on drinking coffee, but you can’t give it up yet.

Drinking coffee is a double-edged sword. It always has an impact on whether you drink or not.


What stage of coffee addiction are you in?


Coffee addicts would agree to it. Any coffee drinker somehow had developed excellent tolerance to coffee that it’s like drinking water.

Coffee can make you happy as long as the pot is bottomless. The fun never stops.

If you can’t feel the jitters, probably the coffee is not enough.

That moment when you saw coffee, and you felt like you’ll be okay. Also, when you discover it’s decaffeinated coffee, and you don’t like it.

The kind of beverages that coffee and dog lovers will be willing to give their money to you.

When caffeine is the only thing that will make you function as an average person, and you must have it or else…

When you want to get free refills, you use a disguise to get refills in every possible way.

When you had too much coffee

People have different caffeine tolerance, so we never know what caffeine can do to a high or low person. But in some ways, these coffee memes were able to describe what it’s like when you had too much coffee for the day.

You know you have too much coffee when you’re arguing with a cat about latte art.


Suppose you’re a Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan, you’d know what an Exodia espresso can do to you!


Can you decipher the secret message?

What drinking coffee for the whole 24 hours is like.


When coffee goes well with your brain but not with your heart, especially if you have low caffeine tolerance.


How coffee puns hit you hard about what coffee can do to you without it.

When you have too much coffee and your brain starts to question EVERYTHING!

A coffee joke better than decaf.

When you’re trying to hustle more by drinking more coffee, but you end up exhausting yourself more with the jitters.

You know you have too much coffee when you know exactly how many times a roster does a cock-a-doodle-doo in the morning and when it crows in the morning.


When coffee is the only thing that is brew-tiful in your eyes and nothing else.

What it’s like when coffee also runs in your veins and invigors your soul.

If you want to test your stress management capability, beating a deadline while highly caffeinated is a great way to determine it.

Coffee went wrong

When coffee runs your system, anything can happen. Are you prepared for it?

Coffee increases our productivity, as well as our anxiety.

With the plethora of coffee innovations to choose from in the market, sometimes it’s confusing what you want to drink.

You know you’re talking with fellow coffee enthusiasts when you know how to roast decaf coffee drinkers. 

When you’re torn between Monday Coffee and Friday Wine, so you drink both,

When you’re trying to figure out how once a cup of coffee can make you go several trips to the restroom.

Imagine you’re expecting to drink your favorite coffee beans first thing in the morning before you leave for work only to find out you forgot to pre-program it the night before.

It’s heartbreaking when you spilled your coffee without taking the first sip, and it’s the last shot.

Ever experience drinking coffee with a plan to finish work at night only to find yourself too sleepy to do work?

When coffee is the only breakfast, you consume in the morning.

What it feels like when ordering the same coffee every day for years.

The coffee meme is a coffee language every coffee drinker understands, since you can always relate a funny coffee meme with your real-life experiences, whether it’s adapted from popular cultures, movies, songs, or made original. Enjoy and have a laugh, and send them to your friends for a smile!

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