Breville Oracle Touch Review: Is a 3-Step Fully Automated Coffee Machine Worth the Price?

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Breville Oracle Touch provides convenience for brewing the coffee drinks your palate most desires. It’s a feature-packed, fully automatic espresso machine that prepares your favorite beverages in three easy touch screen motions – swipe, select, and tap. Does this fingertip operable coffee machine deserve its expensive price tag? After long hours searching the internet, we have a definitive answer and a sound buying decision for the Breville Oracle Touch. Read our review. 

Breville Oracle Touch
4.2 / 5 Reviewer
  • Has dual boilers that allow simultaneous brewing and steaming
  • Has built-in tamper for a consistent pressure and coffee result
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • An expensive, high-end espresso machine
  • The water filter can’t be replaced
  • Software bugs affect the coffee drinks customization
Breville Oracle Touch provides convenience for brewing the coffee drinks your palate most desires. It's a feature-packed, fully automatic espresso machine that prepares your favorite beverages in three easy touch screen motions - swipe, select, and tap.
Overall Design4.5
The Brewing System4.5
Coffee Quality & Versatility4.5
Cleaning Maintenance3.5

An Overview

The Oracle Touch is Breville’s next-generation super-automatic espresso machine. It makes brewing any cafe-quality gourmet coffee as simple as grind, brew, and milk — simple steps that will make you fall in love with Breville Oracle Touch every time you brew coffee.

The Oracle Breville allows you to customize the coffee strength, temperature, and milk texture to satisfy your coffee preference. You can personalize each coffee setting you make by creating and saving up to 8 personalized coffees.

Every stage in making coffee and other milk-based beverages with Oracle Touch is automated. You can automatically achieve the taste of your cafe’s favorite coffee with its integrated conical burr grinder that grinds, doses, and tamps 22 grams of coffee. 

It uses a digital temperature control (PID) technology to ensure that the temperature needed to make a balanced tasting espresso is maximized to its optimal range, thanks to the heated group head and the dual boiler.

To ensure that there’ll be no bitter flavors in every espresso shot, it uses the Over Pressure Valve (OPV), which can limit the maximum pressure in extracting the flavors and nuances from the coffee beans. Likewise, it employs sufficient steam pressure to create a third wave specialty coffee with a balanced espresso taste and a rich micro-foam.

Who is this Product for?

Before we go full dive in this Breville Oracle Touch review, we want to be clear for whom this product is best suitable. Knowing if the Breville Oracle is the fully-automatic coffee maker destined to be in your kitchen or not is like fitting a shoe in the mall before you buy it. So is this the espresso maker for a coffee lover like you?

If you cherish a barista-quality and delicious coffee, love to share good coffee with family and friends in highs and lows, adore a coffee maker like it’s part of your family regardless of the price you have to pay. The Breville.Oracle Touch is the espresso maker for you.

Oracle Touch’s versatile features, great value, and convenience offset the golden price tag. Rather than stand in long queues in cafes, accidentally set fire in the kitchen or hurt yourself while making coffee, you can leave all the anxieties in making a delicious coffee with Oracle Touch because it will not let you down.

Features & Benefits

Breville Oracle Touch Review
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Breville Oracle offers convenience and delicious coffee, which you can achieve through the following features and benefits of oracle touch worth considering.

Setup and Operation

When you unbox the Breville Oracle, anticipate that you’d spend 20 to 30 minutes of your time on putting it together. If you’re planning to do something else after setting this fully automated coffee machine – don’t. It’s better if you focus your energy on this magical box of delicious coffee drinks for initial setup, system purges and machine tutorials for proper operation,

Before you start putting the removable parts together, it’s best to wash it first. These removable parts include the cover, drip tray, filter baskets, portafilter, and the water tank. Manufacturers highly recommend washing the parts that touch the water as some features may contain manufacturing residue. 

Once you’re done washing the parts, fill the water tank with 2.5 liters of water (that’s the reservoir’s max capacity) and press the power button. You’ll hear a five-note startup sound that will proceed to fill the boilers with water automatically. As this process goes on, the touch screen’s front lights will blink and ask for you to set up the basic settings such as language, temperature reading (Celsius or Fahrenheit), and the date and time.

After setting this up, the touch screen will flash you instructions about doing the initial setup on a step-by-step procedure. It will remind you to keep the filter baskets and the portafilter handy. Likewise, it will flash a prompt to ready your water filter and water filter holder. 

At this phase, you are already running the water filter set up and will be asked to do a hard water test using the test strips. Never skip this part as it will determine the cleaning regimen suited for our machine.

As the set up continues, you will be prompted to purge the system. The purging involves running a lot of water through the boilers, the group heads, the hot water tap, the steam wand, etc. It is done to flush it out and prepare the machine for coffee brewing. 

After the purging, the Breville Oracle will either let you start brewing your coffee or run through a series of demos for your first drink. To ensure that you’ll never get lost with operating the machine, we recommend you do not skip the Oracle Touch walkthrough. It will provide confidence for building a perfect flat white, making quality coffee, perfecting your milk frothing skills and achieving an overall  familiarity with the espresso machine.

Brewing Capacity

Breville, the Oracle utilizes the bean to cup system. Meaning, the brewing process starts from the bean hopper then the coffee beans fall to the conical burr grinder. The beans grinder dispenses the dosed and tamped grounds to the portafilter after. To extract the flavors, you place the portafilter into the group head, and coffee starts to pour in your cup after milk frothing.

The secret of a delicious coffee does not depend only on the type of coffee beans you used, whether its a Volcanica Yirgacheffe or the Morning Breakfast of Grounds and Hounds. Variable parameters like selecting a drink from the pre-programmed coffee drinks and preheating the portafilter and the filter basket to optimize extraction are indispensable.

Yet, if the full process of making coffee with Oracle Touch still alienates you, worry not. You can even brew a delicious Breville coffee with its pre-programmed coffee drinks. Before the grinding starts, you may select from the five pre-programmed coffee drinks and customize it according to your coffee preference.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Oracle Touch employs the traditional way of brewing coffee. Meaning, it has dregs containers, where you dump the used grounds, to clean. To maintain the machine, you have to throw the used grounds into the knock bin after each brew cycle and wipe it with a clean cloth. Yet, the device will let you know if it’s time to descale the espresso machine.

Since we’ve mentioned the importance of doing the initial setup and operation upon unboxing of Breville Oracle, be reminded that descaling with Oracle touch is a daunting process. It can take 60 to 90 minutes to finish. That’s a long time relative to other machines. Even so, you can do it without a problem since Breville has an instruction video guide to get you through the entire process of descaling.

Another part of the Oracle Touch that you need to pay attention to is the steam wand. It requires frequent cleaning by wiping the exterior after each use. To clean the nozzle, you only need to push the steam wand back into its place. The nozzle will automatically clean itself through steam forced out of the nozzle’s tip.

In case you encounter a problem with your Oracle espresso machine, we don’t recommend  DIY repair. Instead, visit the nearest service centers to have it checked. Every Breville espresso machine has a 2-year Repair Warranty, so getting it fixed won’t be a hassle.

Accessories and Add-ons

To ensure that you’ll be able to brew a delicious coffee the Breville way, Oracle Touch includes the following accessories:

  • Mini Grinds Bin.
  • Full Stainless Steel Portafilter (58mm).
  • Single Wall Filter Baskets (1 cup & 2 cup).
  • Stainless Steel Milk Jug (480ml ).
  • Steam Wand spare parts.
  • Cleaning Kit (includes grinder burr brush, grind outlet brush and magnet for tamp removal).
  • Water Hardness Test Strip.
  • Water Filter Holder and Water Filter. 

These accessories can be stored in a storage tray located beneath the Oracle’s drip tray. To get and keep the tools, just pull out the drip tray.



Stainless Steel Portafilter, Wall Filter Baskets, Stainless Steel Milk Jug, Steam Wand spare parts, Cleaning Kit, Water Hardness Test Strip, Water Filter Holder and Water Filter. 


Bean Hopper: ½ lb

Water Reservoir: 84 oz 

Construction Materials

Brushed Stainless steel and Stainless Steel Dual Boiler

Dimensions: 12″ x 15″ x 14 (WxDxH)

Over-Pressure Valve: Utilizes the 15-bar Italian pump pressure to prevent bitter flavors for each shot.

Power: Uses 1800 Watts

Pre-Infusion Function: Water pressure is gradually increased to expand grinds gently for an even extraction of coffee beans


  • You can set the five pre-programmed Café favorites through the touch screen operation. 
  • Create, save, and name the eight customizable coffee settings. 
  • Adjust the ground control. 
  • It allows the programming of milk temperature and texture. 
  • Choose between one or two Shots. 
  • Boil Water for other drinks like tea.

Timer: An espresso shot clock displays flash on the LCD screen to guide you with your coffee’s extraction consistency.

Triple Heat System:

  • Has a steam boiler with an integrated Heat Exchange to aid thermal stability. 
  • Integrated with espresso boilers with Digital PID control to deliver the precise water temperature for coffee beans extraction.
  • The heated group head–PID controlled embedded element is responsible for maintaining the Oracles Breville espresso machine’s thermal stability.

Voltage: Uses 110-120 Volts.

Warranty: Has 2-Year Repair Warranty which you can use in any Breville service centers nearby.

What Others say About the Breville Oracle Touch


The Breville Oracle Touch’s price tag might be a bit intimidating, but don’t fret. The Big Cup of Coffee recommends the following fully automatic espresso machine with features comparable to the Oracle Touch but reasonable.

Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine (Piano Black)

The Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine can prepare any of the 16 different espresso drinks in one touch. It’s a bean-to-cup brewing machine where it utilizes the integrated AromaG3 grinder to grind the coffee beans and the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P) to consistently make the perfect espresso you’ll love. If you want a creamy foam for your latte or macchiato, the HP3 Milk Delivery System will prepare it for you.

Please read the full review of Jura E8 to learn more about its other features.

Featured Product
Jura E8 Piano Black Automatic Coffee Machine
  • ONE TOUCH: Make 16 different espresso drinks!
  • PERFECT ESPRESSO: JURA's exclusive Pulse Extraction Process allows you t make consistently perfect espresso
  • CONICAL BURR GRINDER: Fast and precise AromaG3 grinder
  • JURA lets you make real, fresh ground espresso. No capsules!
  • CAPACITY: 64 oz water tank, 10 oz bean container

Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API or Directly from the Manufacturer. #CommissionsEarned
03/08/2021 12:33 am GMT

De’Longhi Eletta Super Automatic Coffee Machine (Black)

The De’Longhi Eletta is a super-automatic coffee machine for people who love espresso drinks. Its LatteCrema System can prepare perfectly layered espresso beverages with creamy, dense, and lasting foam for any cup with a maximum height of 5.5 inches. The freshness of your coffee beans is within your control, as you can adjust the grind settings anytime. 

Read the full DeLonghi Eletta review to know how you can prepare delicious espresso drinks with this machine.

Featured Product
De'Longhi Eletta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine with Latte Crema System, Black
  • FRESH ESPRESSO FOR EVERY CUP The integrated burr grinder with adjustable settings grinds fresh beans every time to ensure maximum freshness. You can also use pre-ground in the second chamber – your choice of regular, specialty or decaf.
  • The De’Longhi LatteCrema System creates perfectly layered espresso beverages, with dense, rich, long-lasting foam in every cup from start to finish. Maximum cup height- 5.5 inches
  • CONSISTENT BREWING EVERY TIME Each cup is automatically brewed to the perfect temperature, richness and density. And, you can customize the settings to ensure it’s always just the way you like it.
  • MAINTENANCE: De’Longhi machines require half the cleaning time of other brands, unlike competitor machines, which require chemical cleaning tablets monthly.
  • Warranties may not apply to purchases from an unauthorized retailer.

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03/07/2021 09:33 pm GMT

Jura S8 Automatic Coffee Machine (Chrome)

The Jura S8 is an automatic coffee machine for people who want an instant caffeine fix that can be done in a button touch. It can prepare 15-barista quality gourmet coffee consistently. It has a timeless aesthetic design suited to any kitchen interior design. Best of all, it comes with a 5-year warranty so you can expect years of making delicious coffee anytime you like.

Please read our full review of Jura S8 to find out how its one-touch brewing system works! 

Best High Quality Design
JURA S8 Automatic Coffee Machine, Chrome
  • ONE TOUCH:15 different espresso drink styles at the touch of a button
  • PERFECT ESPRESSO: JURA's exclusive Pulse Extraction Process
  • CONICAL BURR GRINDER: Super consistent grind/ far superior to blade grinders
  • ECO FRIENDLY: No capsules! Grinds actual espresso beans
  • CAPACITY: Water Tank: 64 oz ; Bean Compartment: 10 oz

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03/08/2021 07:32 am GMT

Our Thoughts on the Breville Oracle 

The Breville Oracle Touch is a fully automatic espresso machine for two types of people. First, for people who love to drink different espresso beverages in the easiest waypossible. Second, it’s for people who have a lot going on in their lives and coffee is the only beverage that makes their day more productive and enjoyable. Why make brewing coffee difficult when you can do it consistently in 3 easy steps?

We’ve come up with these reasons as to why the Oracle Touch is designed explicitly to these people. The features outlined reveal an intuitive brewing system that makes brewing coffee and preparing barista-quality espresso drinks as easy as using an ipad.  Whether you’re fully awake or half-awake, you can never go wrong with the coffee you’ll be making with this super-automatic coffee machine.

Have you tried brewing coffee with Oracle Touch? What’s your experience in making espresso beverages with this fully automatic espresso machine? What do you think can be improved from the Oracle Touch? Please share your Breville thoughts at the comments below.


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