Grounds and Hounds Coffee: Excellent Coffee with a Furry Filled Social Purpose

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Dogs and coffees are definitely a match made in heaven. Walking the dog and having a hot cup of coffee are morning routines both beneficial to your health and your relationship with your best pal. Wouldn’t it be more exciting to wake up with a coffee that can save a pup each and every time you brew? 

After a lot of research, we’ve chosen to highlight Grounds and Hounds Coffee as we believe heavily in their social mission of support rescue animals. We have a comprehensive overview of their business regarding where to buy your coffee and whether or not a subscription works for you.

Please continue reading our review and enjoy the discounts we’ve provided.

About Grounds & Hounds 

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co started in 2012 when the CEO and Founder, Jordan Karcher, stumbled upon a dog adoption one spring day in Santa Monica, California. Karcher had no plans to adopt a rescue animal. Yet, the moment a malnourished, brown-white Dalmatian crawled into his lap, it was decided. The furry friend would be part of his family. 

Since then, his life revolves around his best pal.


Jordan Karcher and the people behind hounds and grounds strongly believe that “a good coffee can fuel a greater purpose.” It is recognizable in their support to rescue initiatives and organizations that provide a second chance for pups in need.

 While this mission might seem laborious and resource-burning, every time you buy their specialty coffees and other merchandise, 20% of profits off-set everything and lots of pups we’re given a second life they deserve.

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Social Benefits Company

Grounds & Hounds Coffee is like a paradise to coffee and dog lovers. Not only that you will be able to buy specialty coffee roasts that provide you with the right caffeine kick. It also makes you feel like one of the rescue partners every time you buy their coffee and other product.

Some of their incredible milestones in collaborating with some of the most innovative animal rescue and welfare organizations in the US include:

  • 1.5 Million shelter meals
  • 8000 pet toys
  • 2250 vaccines for pups rescued
  • 600 successful neuter surgeries
  • 2000 microchips to quickly locate rescued dogs
  • 2625 saved puppies from euthanasia
  • Supported 350 organizations

Another worth noting rescue and dog safety initiatives that Grounds & Hounds Coffee is their informational video on how you can safeguard your beloved dog from one of the events in the US that looks fun for us but is terrifying to our furry pals – the celebration of 4th of July.

Here’s what you can do.

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you’re aching to buy Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co products, there are some things to consider before buying. This will help you get the best value. Such considerations are subscription service, cost, frequency, and location.

Subscription service:

Grounds & Hounds offers three ways to enjoy their coffee. The first one is by subscribing to their coffee subscription, the second is their pay-as-you-go coffee purchasing, and the third, which allows you to budget your money is the prepaid subscription service.

Grounds and Hounds made our list for the 25 Best Subscription Coffees. Want to see who else is on that list? Click here.


The Ground and Hound coffee might be a bit more expensive than the coffee you buy from the grocery but their roasts are guaranteed fresh and always premium quality, as they are roast-to-order. Likewise, the coffee beans are sourced directly from Fair Trade certified cooperatives where the best beans grow,.


The mode of delivery is monthly. For prepaid subscriptions, you can choose the delivery duration to last 3, 6, or 12 months long.


Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co ships in all 50 States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Yet, free shipping is applied only to orders shipped within the US continent.

Features and Benefits

Aside from subscriptions, you can enjoy your morning joe with the following specialty coffee sourced from Fair Trade coffee farms with 20% of profit going to the rescue organizations these coffee hounds support.

Specialty Coffee Products from Grounds & Hounds

The roasts that you can purchase from their website, are:

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Light Roast

Light roasted Grounds & Hounds Coffee includes single-origin roast from Colombia, Yirgacheffe, Mexico, and Peru. They also offer blends such as Morning Walk Breakfast, Camp Out Summer Roast, and Peruvian Light Roast Decaf.

Medium Roast

A must-try medium roast if you’re still undecided what to try first is its three-blend starter kit. It allows you to experience any of the following medium roasts: Rescue Roast, Belly Rub, Papers & Slippers, Sit & Stay and their single-origin from Papua New Guinea.

Dark Roast

Their Dark Roast collections boast the following roast: Sumatra Single-Origin, Alpha Blend, and Good Boy. If you want to try them all, you can avail of their Four Blend Variety Sample Box.

Single-serving Pods

If you’re brewing coffee with Aeropress, Bodum, Hario, Chemex, or other automatic espresso machines, they also offer roasts in single-serving pods. Some of their best-sellers are Morning Walk, Paper & Slippers, Sit & Stay, Rescue Roast, and Madagascar Vanilla pods.

Hot Chocolate

If you’re looking for a chocolatey drink to buy for your kids, they also have Hot Cocoa, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Sweet & Savory Bundle. As a matter of fact, you can try all of these when you buy their Hot Chocolate Starter Kit.

Reviews and Social Media

The Grounds & Hounds team is not only active in collaborating with animal rescue organizations. They also participate in social causes and in spreading good vibes in their social media accounts and mailing list. Some of their recent activities are as follows:


We’ve reviewed our favorite coffee subscriptions here. If you’re looking for an alternative coffee subscription, the BCOC gang recommends the following:

La Colombe: They offer a flexible ongoing coffee subscription, where you will pick any coffee or drink you prefer and choose when it is delivered.

Subscription Cost: Ongoing Subscription ($$)

JavaPresse: The beans are curated directly from family-owned coffee farms to ensure the quality of each coffee bean brewed to your morning cup.

Subscription Cost: Join the coffee club to start the subscription ($$)

Partners Coffee Roasters: It offers single origin, blends, and decaffeinated coffee beans from their sustainable coffee farm partners.

Subscription Cost: Regular Subscription ($$)

Save 15% Off Your Order + Get FREE SHIPPING over $50 – click this link and use the coupon code BigCupofCoffee.


 Grounds & Hounds is definitely one of the standout coffee companies that we’ve encountered. Aside from their excellent coffee- sourced from regions where the best beans are produced. Their rescue cause may empower you to become a more productive and supportive citizen. 

With every purchase you make, you not only help dogs get a second chance, but you also help coffee farmers by purchasing a product that is Fair Trade. 

Indeed, every sip of Grounds Hounds Coffee Co will remind you that hardworking people and eager to please dogs in another part of the world are given the chance to find (or keep) their homes.

From the morning roasts of Grounds & Hounds, which one would you recommend the best? What are the best Grounds & Hounds products have you bought from their website? Is there an item worth gifting to fellow coffee and dog lovers? Share with us your G&H coffee thoughts at the comments below.

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