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How to Make a Cappuccino – Recipe for the Perfect Foamy Coffee at Home

If you love sipping cappuccino at the cafe, maybe it’s time that you try making one yourself.

Let me share with you an easy recipe on how to make the perfect cappuccino at home. With basic ingredients and reliable tools, you can make a rich cup of espresso adding that thick milk foam that makes your drink even creamier and more delicious.

What is a Cappuccino?

A cappuccino is a coffee beverage that combines espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam (froth) at a ratio of 1:1:1, meaning 1 part steamed milk, 1 part milk foam, and 1 part espresso.

Cappuccino is said to have originated from Italy in the early 1900s. Its name comes from the Capuchin friars who wore robes that have a similar color to the beverage. Today, it’s enjoyed all over the world and has even inspired new variations.

There is also evidence that the drink originated in the 1700s from the coffee houses of Vienna, Austria, as the Kapuziner.

Cappuccino Recipe

What I really like about the cappuccino is that it takes the richness and creaminess of espresso to a whole new level. I even feel great satisfaction when I achieve that perfectly thick and foamy milk and it just sits right on the top of my brew. It feels like having my favorite coffee shop brought straight into my kitchen counter.

Equipment & Ingredients for Cappuccino

Here are the things that you will need to make a cappuccino:

  • Espresso machine – used for brewing espresso that forms the base of the cappuccino. If you don’t have an espresso machine, click here for more ways to brew espresso with other methods such as the French press, Moka pots, and more.
  • Milk pitcher – used to steam and froth milk for the cappuccino.
  • Hot water – this is used to keep your cup warm as you prepare the drink.
  • 18 grams of ground coffee – I recommend a medium-fine grind of dark roast coffee for your cappuccino.
  • 150 ml of whole milk – the steamed milk and its foam are added to the espresso shot for a creamy and textured drink.

Now that you have what you need, it’s time to jump into this easy homemade cappuccino recipe.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Cappuccino

Looking at those pretty cups of cappuccino being served in coffee shops, you might feel like it requires a lot of skill to pull off.

But it’s not complicated at all, especially if you put the time and effort into mastering this coffee recipe. Here are the steps to making your own cappuccino at home:

1. Preheat the cup

  • To prepare for making cappuccino, make sure your cup is nice and hot.
  • Pour hot water into the cup and let it sit as you prepare the espresso. This allows the milk to steam at a lower temperature in the machine, keeping more of its sweetness.

2. Prepare the Portafilter

  • Use a digital scale like the Timemore Black Mirror Basic Plus to measure exactly 20 grams of ground coffee and put it into the portafilter.
  • Tamp the leveled bed of coffee using a tamper; it should be compacted evenly, level, and straight on top.

3. Pull Shots

  • Lock in your prepared Portafilter tightly, empty your preheated mug, and pull your espresso shot.
  • The shot time aims for about 30 to 35 seconds overall to get a chocolatey, really clean flavor. Tap on the table to remove any bubbles.
  • As I mentioned, if you don’t have an espresso machine at home, use an alternative method to make espresso-style coffee.

4. Froth/Steam Milk

  • The traditional cappuccino uses a thicker layer of milk froth. Here are some easy ways you can make milk froth at home, or you can use a separate milk frother like the Breville Milk Cafe
  • The modern, 3rd coffee wave cappuccino uses steamed milk of different consistency, almost like a latte, but a bit more airated. Here is the method using a steam wand for this:
    • Put the tip of the steam wand right at the milk’s surface in the pitcher. Keep the tip of the wand near the side of the pitcher as you steam the milk to make a vortex in the milk.
    • Move the pitcher up and down, and around the wand to add air into the milk until the volume doubles with its foam.

5. Combine Milk and Shot

  • Tap the foamed milk onto the counter to remove bubbles.
  • Pour the milk over your espresso shot and add artistic finishing touches if necessary.

Once you have a full cup of cappuccino in front of you, it’s time to enjoy sipping this delicious drink while it’s hot.


How to Make a Cappuccino – Recipe for the Perfect Foamy Coffee at Home

A delicious combination of espresso, steamed milk, and milk froth at a 1:1:1 ratio.
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Coffee Smarts
Servings 1 servings
Calories 80 kcal


  • 18 g Ground coffee (Dark roast)
  • 150 ml Cold whole milk


  • Pour hot water into the cappuccino mug to preheat the cup.
  • Put 18 grams of ground coffee into the portafilter.
  • Empty your preheated mug and pull a shot of espresso.
  • Steam the milk in the pitcher, keeping the steam wand right at the milk’s surface.
  • Move the pitcher up and down, and around the wand to froth the milk until the volume is doubled.
  • Tap the milk on top of the counter to remove the bubbles.
  • Pour the foamy milk on top of your espresso shot.
  • Sprinkle some cocoa powder or cinnamon if it suits your taste.
  • Serve and enjoy your cappuccino.



Remember that if you don’t have an espresso machine, you can still make espresso-style coffee using other methods, and milk froth as well.

What kind of cup should you serve a cappuccino in?

You can serve this hot beverage in a cappuccino cup, which is a dome-shaped cup with a handle and often comes with matching saucers.

Cappuccino Cup

Barista Tips for Making a Cappuccino

Now that you know the basics of making a traditional cappuccino, here are more tips to help you make a cappuccino that would perfectly suit your taste in no time:

  • Sprinkle cinnamon or cocoa powder: These will add more flavor to your drink. Sprinkle cinnamon for a kick of spice and cocoa for sweetness.
  • Try other milk options: If you prefer a non-dairy or vegan drink, you can substitute whole milk with almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, or coconut milk.
  • Grind your own beans: To ensure the maximum freshness of the espresso in your cappuccino, use a grinder for your beans every time you prepare a cup of coffee. 
  • Learn how to make a latte next: Once you know how to fix a cappuccino, learning to make a latte would be the next best step. It’s pretty similar to a cappuccino with a different ratio and less foam from the milk.


If you’re a coffee lover, then you know there’s nothing quite like the taste and aroma of a freshly brewed espresso. But when you’re not ready for that intense taste, then cappuccino is where it’s at. With its creamy frothed milk sitting on top of rich espresso shots, this classic Italian coffee drink has become an international favorite. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top, and you can open a café 🙂

So were you able to pull off that perfect cup of cappuccino? Let me know in the comments.

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