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Breville Milk Cafe: The Ultimate Milk Frother

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the perfect cup of espresso every time, with no effort on your part? The Breville Milk Cafe is a milk frother that does all the work for you. This post will explore how it works and why this product is an excellent choice for any coffee lover who wants to take their home-brewed lattes to the next level with thick and creamy froth.

Don’t forget to check out our What Should You Know Before You Buy section to make sure you’re fully informed.

Quick Overview

Breville Milk Cafe
4 / 5 Reviewer
  • Can prepare up to 3 cups of milk froth servings.
  • Has overheating protection and standby mode feature.
  • Uses induction heating.
  • Milk temperature is customizable.
  • It can be used to prepare hot chocolate and chai tea.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Can’t produce foam for latte art similar to microfoams made in cafes.
  • Expensive
This new Breville milk frother can prepare silky and thick froth for your hot and cold drinks. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or a lover of rich hot chocolate, the Milk Cafe can prepare the best froth for you. It comes with two frothing discs: latte disc and cappuccino disc, which you don’t have to buy separately. It has temperature control features that prevent this machine from turning into a fire hazard. 
Overall Design4
Quality & Consistency4


If you’re a lover of rich and creamy milk drinks, the Breville Milk Cafe is your must-buy frothing machine. The large capacity allows for dedicated cappuccino and latte discs while letting you control the temperature with ease.

Breville is a global kitchen appliance brand that has empowered people for over 80 years to do things more impressively or easily in their kitchens. Founded in 1932, Breville has grown into the beloved household name known worldwide for boosting creativity through thoughtful design and inspiring inventiveness with its iconic lineup of smart home appliances.

About the Breville Milk Cafe

The Breville Milk Cafe is an automatic milk frother for cappuccino, latte, and other non-coffee drinks like hot chocolate and chai tea. This milk frother machine uses induction heat and spinning motion to create a luxurious microfoam that elevates your hot milk drinks’ overall aesthetics and taste.

The Good

Breville Milk Cafe allows you to create unlimited microfoams for your espresso and milk-based drinks with its sizable maximum capacity. The machine is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, which makes it aesthetically pleasing and durable at the same time. Best of all, the temperature dial gives you the freedom to experiment on your foam milk.

The Bad

With great features comes a high price tag. That’s Breville Milk Cafe for you. A lot of coffee lovers would probably rejoice with the existence of this milk frother. Sure it’s easy to use and prepares a large volume of frothed milk.

However, its automatic feature displeases the super picky latte drinkers. That’s because the most particular espresso drinkers find the frothed milk flat and dull. Some commented that the machine couldn’t produce thick and creamy froths that most coffee shops make. 

The Bottomline

This automatic milk frother can change a simple coffee drink into a cafe-aesthetic espresso with thick and creamy foam, making the coffee experience unforgettable. Who would not want a froth milk maker that can prepare a large capacity of milk froth? 

This machine is an excellent buy for many practicing baristas who want to be more creative with their latte art. However, buying this automatic milk frother is a luxury for its high price tag.

Features & Benefits

Choosing the best milk frothers can be daunting, but we’ll shed some light on why you should pick Breville Milk Cafe, among others.

Performance and Quality

Induction Heating

The Breville  Milk Café offers substantial heat and foam options — allowing you to customize your milk froths. It undergoes a progressive process to evenly distribute heat to create a microfoam that’s perfect for your hot milk drinks.


This milk frother machine automatically shuts off once it reaches the desired temperature. Such features prevent the device from overheating and from consuming much energy which can affect your energy bills.

Temperature Control

Breville Milk Cafe isn’t a mind-reading machine, but it can make a quick milk foam as you wish for your coffee drinks. It has a temperature control function that enables you to froth milk in cold, warm, or hot temperatures.


Simple Display

This milk frothing machine has the most uncomplicated display, easy to use without quizzing over the controls. It has basic seamless buttons with LED indicators that surround the buttons. These LED indicators illuminate when the power is on. It flashes when the frothing cycle is ongoing and stops blinking when the machine goes in standby mode.

To start or stop the machine’s operation, you just need to press the dial’s center. In adjusting the temperature to your preferred stir, you’ll need to turn the dial. For instance, if you want a cold milk foam, you just turn the dial to the COLD STIR setting, and the machine will stir your milk without heating. As simple as that.

Measuring Cap

The Milk Cafe comes with a measuring cap that you won’t need to buy separately. You can use this to measure and add ingredients of your choice for your coffee drinks once the mixing starts.

Safety Features

The Breville Milk Cafe has many safety features, making it a user-friendly frother for beginners and expert coffee and milk drink enthusiasts. This safety feature includes:

  • Standby mode – after 30 seconds of inactivity, the frothing machine will automatically enter the standby mode. The LED indicator in the button will stop illuminating. And if you want to reactivate this machine, you’ll need to press the START/STOP push dial.
  • Overheating protection – The Milk Cafe won’t operate if the milk jug overheats. You can use it again once the milk jug cooled off.
  • Thermal fuse and current protection – Electric fluctuations can happen unexpectedly and they can damage your kitchen appliances. Good thing Breville included this feature by protecting the frother from sudden energy interruption. The machine will automatically turn off and won’t operate. If this happens, don’t use the device and contact Breville support ASAP.


The adjustable measuring cap.

Adjustable milk measurements

The stainless steel jug of this milk frother has inner measurement markings to guide you on how much milk you should put in to make the desired servings of milk froth for your coffee drinks. Here’s a simple guide you can use to help you determine appropriate frothing disc to use: 

  • Hot chocolate drink (25oz/750ml) jug marking: we recommend using the cappuccino frothing disc to make 3 single servings of hot chocolate.
  • Cappuccino/latte (16oz/500ml) jug marking: you can use either the cappuccino or latte frothing disc to make 2-3 single servings of cappuccino or latte.
  • 8oz/250ml milk: use either the cappuccino or latte frothing disc to prepare 1 to 2 single serving cappuccinos.
  • MIN: use either the latte or cappuccino frothing disc to make 1 cup of cappuccino.

To get the optimum quality of froth, strictly follow the inner jug markings. Don’t operate the Milk Cafe empty as it will automatically shut off. If this happens, you’ll need to wait for the milk jug to cool off before you can use it.


The Milk Cafe is a durable milk frother. It is made of stainless steel, an essential material for kitchen appliances because it is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean and sanitize. This Breville milk frothing machine is one of the best milk frothers in the market due to its simple maintenance requirements. You can hand wash the removable parts or clean them in a dishwasher if you have one at home.


  • Construction Materials: Stainless Steel.  
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 6.4″ x 6.1″ x 10.3″
  • Item Weight: 3.6 lbs.
  • Water Tank Capacity: 25 oz. / 3 Cup
  • Assist Lid: Jug lid with Breville Assist™ unique ring pull design 
  • Variable Temperature: Yes, an adjustable temperature dial
  • Heating Type: Induction
  • Power: 500 Watts. 
  • Settings: Cold Stir, Warm, Optimum Temperature & Hot.  
  • Voltage: 110-120 Volts
  • Warranty: 1-year limited product warranty

Accessories Included

  • Latte Frothing Disc – used to create smooth and silky milk for your drinks.
  • Cappuccino Frothing Disc – used to make thick and creamy milk froth. 
  • Measuring cup – used in adding other ingredients in preparing drinks like hot chocolate and chai tea.


The Breville Milk Cafe requires immediate cleaning right after each use. If you neglect such simple care tips, it will result in milk residue build-up, affecting the form and taste of your microfoam. 

You can clean the machine through a hand wash or dishwashing, but make sure that you’re not using any alkaline or abrasive cleaners, steel wool, or scouring pads as it can damage the surface features of the machine.

Another cleaning reminder in maintaining your Breville Milk Cafe is to avoid immersing the power base in water or any other cleaning liquid agent. You can clean it by simply wiping it with a clean, damp cloth to remove any milk smudges and keep it dry before turning on the power base.

Though Milk Cafe is dishwasher safe, you can extend the usability of the frothing disc (top shelf only) by hand washing. You can read the step-by-step cleaning instructions of this machine on its user manual included in the package or online.

What Should You Know Before You Buy

There are tons of milk frothing machines in the market today, but there might be good reasons why you’re leaning towards this machine. But before you swipe that card to take this machine home, here are a few things you should know before you buy it.

  • The Breville Milk Cafe has a large capacity milk jug to foam milk (up to 3 cups) and operates fast.
  • You can customize the temperature of the milk from cold, warm to hot.
  • It can make cold-frothed milk.
  • It’s the best milk frother in the market you can use in making hot chocolate, chai tea, and other flavored milk beverages.
  • You can also use it to heat water.
  • The milk frother has a variable temperature control function which guarantees smooth and silky milk every time you froth.
  • It comes with two frothing discs: cappuccino disc and latte disc.
  • It is easy to clean, disassemble and dishwasher safe.
  • It uses induction heating to create the smallest bubbles for a super smooth milk froth.
  • The Milk Cafe automatically shuts off once it reaches the desired temperature and is not in use after 30 seconds.


How do you make hot chocolate in Breville milk Cafe?

You can use Breville Milk Cafe to prepare drinks for non-coffee fans. If you’re feeling a little more indulgent, you can whip up delicious foamy hot chocolates by adding a scoop of hot chocolate powder of your choice to milk before heating. The resulting drink is rich, decadent and so creamy — the perfect treat for cold winter days.

Is the Breville milk frother dishwasher safe?

The removable parts of the Breville Milk Frother, particularly the stainless steel frothing jug, cup, lid, and frothing discs are dishwasher safe. Yet, if you don’t have a dishwasher, you can still hand wash it with warm soapy water.

Can you put milk in a Breville?

Absolutely. You can choose any milk variant of your choice, whether it’s plant-based milk (almond milk, oat milk, or soy milk) or regular dairy milk. You can use a smaller amount of milk for one serving, and it froths beautifully when you set the machine to its highest temperature. If you want enough foam for three or four coffees in one cycle, try Breville’s container that is big enough!

How do you use Breville Milk Cafe?

The Breville Milk Cafe is easy to use. All you have to do is select the right frothing disc, add milk, choose your preferred temperature, and hit start! You’ll get ready for a perfect beverage in no time with this machine that lets you create lattes or cappuccinos all at home.


PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld

If you love your morning coffee with lots of froth and foam, the PowerLix milk frother is for you. This little wand can be kept on the countertop because it comes with a stand. It’s great to have around if you want café style cappuccino!

Battery Operated
PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld

PowerLix brings you its small, portable handheld milk frother for frothed milk.

Battery Operated For Perfect Froth. It has a powerful motor that gives you 19000 rpm and the dual spring durable long 18/10 food safe material stainless steel spiral whisk that won't rust or break over the time, delivers double the power of other frothers and professional espresso makers available.

100% Return/Replacement Warranty.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Secura Milk Frother

The Secura Automatic Milk Frother is an affordable coffee machine that makes hot and cold drink expert froths. It can produce 125 ml of milk foam, which can be used in lattes or cappuccinos, or 250 ml of steamed milk for your morning cup o’ joe!

Secura Milk Frother, Electric Milk Steamer Stainless Steel
  • Milk frother makes hot and cold milk froth for cappuccinos, heats hot milk for lattes. Maximum capacity: 125 ml (for milk froth preparation), 250 ml (for hot milk preparation)
  • Maximum level indicator for milk frother and maximum level indicator for milk warmer, and minimum milk level indicator
  • Stainless-steel exterior with vacuum insulation; Detachable base; FREE cleaning brush.
  • Product for use with North American Electrical Standards, 120V only. ETL. 2-YEAR Warranty
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


When we go to a cafe and order our favorite latte or cappuccino, the first thing that we notice is the foamed milk that sits at the top of our drink. Often, it’s one of the things that we wish we could have when having coffee at home. And who would have thought one day you could make those tiny bubbles float in your coffee with the Breville Milk Cafe?

This new Breville milk frother can prepare silky and thick froth for your hot and cold drinks. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a lover of rich hot chocolate, the Milk Cafe can prepare the best froth for you. It comes with two frothing discs: latte disc and cappuccino disc, which you don’t have to buy separately. It has temperature control features that prevent this machine from turning into a fire hazard. 

Although it is the best milk frother in the market comparable to heavy-duty espresso machines that use steam wands, it also comes with a pretty high price tag.

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