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Caffe Corretto Recipe – Make This Espresso Cocktail Warm or On Ice

Love spiked coffee? The Caffe Corretto is an Italian cocktail that brings together alcohol and espresso in the most straightforward way possible.

I’ve had different liquor-infused coffees but I really like how simple and “effective” this drink is. So today, I’m sharing with you my Caffe Corretto recipe so you can sip on this beverage anytime you want!

What is Caffe Corretto?

Originating from Italy in the early 1900’s, Caffee Corretto means “corrected coffee”. The concept behind this drink is that the coffee is “corrected” with a shot of grappa, brandy, or another spirit to add warmth to the cup and aid digestion. Why did it need to be corrected? Because it was made out of coffee beans that were not very good quality. They of course used the moka pot for the coffee, not an espresso.

I once tried this drink in Italy where it’s served with your choice of liquor, such as “alla grappa”, “alla sambuca”, and “al cognac.” I went for the grappa, the most common pairing for corretto, and I was surprised by how great the two beverages blended together.

You’ll get this sweet hit from the grappa complemented by the strength and complexity of espresso.

Now I can’t say I have this drink often, but it’s worth a try. Be warned though, some grappas have high alcohol content. The average is around 40-50%, so you will definitely feel the effects of the alcohol as well, not just the caffeine.

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Equipment and Ingredients to Make Caffe Corretto

Here are the ingredients and tools you’ll need to craft your own caffe corretto:

  • Espresso machine: This recipe works best with an authentic Italian espresso pulled using an espresso machine, but moka pot coffee will do just fine as well.
  • 1 oz grappa or anisette: These alcoholic drink adds a distinct sweetness and fragrance to the corretto.
  • 1 oz Italian espresso: Serves as the coffee base for the cocktail.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Caffe Corretto

Caffe corretto is very easy to make, especially if you’re already an espresso pro. Here are the steps to make one:

1. Pull a shot of espresso.

2. Pour alcohol into the espresso

  • Simply pour the grappa or anisette into the espresso, and you’re done.

A More Sophisticated Corretto Cocktail

While the authentic corretto is super simple, you can also turn it into a more interesting chilled coffee cocktail like this:

1. Brew an espresso

  • Brew an espresso, or use cold brew, moka pot coffee, or any strong coffee you like.

2. Pour the grappa/anisette, espresso, and ice in the shaker.

  • Pour the grappa, espresso, anisette, and ice into the shaker.
  • Shake the mixture well, which creates a nice coffee froth.

3. Sift the mixture with a strainer and pour it into a cup.

  • Using a strainer, sift the mixture to remove any impurities.
  • Pour the filtered coffee into a cappuccino cup.

4. Dust the top with ground nutmeg.

  • Finish off the drink by dusting it with ground nutmeg.
  • Serve and enjoy your caffe corretto.

What kind of cup should you serve a Caffe Corretto in?

A Caffe Corretto is best served in a a larger demitasse to make room for the espresso shot, and alcohol. Some coffee shops also serve the liquor separately in a shot glass, so the customer can add their preferred amount to their espresso.

Ceramic Demitasse

If you’re adding ice, you will need a bigger cup.

Barista Tips for Your Caffe Corretto

Here are other things you can try to enjoy the combination of espresso and grappa:

  • You can swap the grappa with other liquor: Other popular corretto coffee pairings are brandy and cognac, which add different flavors to the drink.
  • Try Rexentin: Another way of drinking coffee and grappa is called Rexentin. Meaning “to rinse,” this involves drinking the espresso first, and adding grappa to the demitasse to rinse the remaining coffee and drinking it straight from the cup.
  • Drink grappa after coffee: Similarly, Amazzacaffe which means “coffee killer” refers to drinking a glass of grappa right after you consume your espresso to dull its intensity in taste and caffeine.
Caffe Corretto Recipe Featured

Caffe Corretto Recipe – Chilled Espresso Cocktail

A delicious spiked coffee made with espresso and grappa liquor.
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Coffee Smarts
Servings 1 servings
Calories 195 kcal


  • 30 ml Grappa
  • 30 ml Italian espresso
  • 15 ml Anisette
  • Ice
  • Grated nutmeg


  • Pull an Italian espresso shot.
  • Combine the espresso, grappa, anisette, and ice in a shaker and shake well.
  • Sift with a strainer and pour into your cup.
  • Top with some grated nutmeg.



You can also use other liquor such as brandy and cognac.

The next time you crave an authentic espresso laced with alcohol, try this coffee cocktail that combines coffee and grappa. Don’t forget to share how it went in the comments section below πŸ™‚

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