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AeroPress XL Review (Plus How To Use This Monster Aeropress)

I’m a big fan of the AeroPress, so when the bigger AeroPress rolled out on the market, I wanted to give it a spin right away… and that I did. Now that I’ve given the brewer a proper test, I’m sharing with you my AeroPress XL review.

Here, I’ll discuss the AeroPress XL’s features that set it apart from the other models and other coffee makers so you’d know if this new variant is really for you. Not only that, I’ll also give you step-by-step instructions on how to use it. 

Let’s get brewing.

AeroPress XL Review Summary – Is It Worth It?

The AeroPress XL is a wish granted for coffee lovers like me who have always wanted to brew more with the AeroPress. Its larger size allows for a capacity that’s more than double compared to the standard model, as you can see below:

Aeropress Xl Vs Normal Size

Other than that though, there are few differences between the two, and their versatility and performance in making coffee are just the same. But that’s not a bad thing, because I can’t complain about the OG’s performance.

Why fix something that’s not broken, right?

The big question though is with its cost that’s double the basic AeroPress, is the XL variant worth its price?

Maybe, if you take the $20 worth of carafe bundled into consideration, but unless you’re adamant about making more coffee every time you use the AeroPress, then an upgrade to the XL is not exactly a must-have.


  • Increased coffee-making capacity of 590ml
  • Same exceptional brewing performance as the original
  • Easy to use with shorter brew time compared to other methods
  • Clear and shatterproof carafe included


  • Larger size affects portability
  • Double the price of the standard AeroPress

AeroPress Goes Extra Large

The AeroPress XL is what the name suggests, it’s the AeroPress but bigger. To put that into perspective:

  • The XL is about 1/3 taller and has wider inner and outer diameters than the original.
  • It has a larger filter cap.
  • It uses bigger filters, so your standard Aeropress filters are NOT compatible with the XL.

The capacity is what really benefits from this upsize. While there’s a lot to love about the AeroPress, the limited amount of coffee you can make with it has always been a weakness for the brewer. This time though, the XL can now hold 590ml of coffee whereas the original can only hold 250ml.

Now, you can brew more coffee in a single session without sacrificing quality or flavor. It’s perfect for serving multiple people or if you just want an extra-large cup of coffee to start your day.

Meanwhile, this newer brewer maintains the polypropylene plastic construction that isn’t just durable, but also safe and recyclable.

Aeropress Xl Woman

How It Performs

So how did this new AeroPress coffee maker fare in performance? I was able to produce the same quality of coffee I get from the original.

Of course, the brand takes pride in its combination of immersion, aeration, and pressure to produce exceptional brews be it American coffee, cold brew, espresso, and lattes – and the AeroPress XL delivers the same delightful results, just more in volume.

I also love that it still has a shorter brew time compared to more traditional methods such as pour-over and French press. In a few minutes, we’re already sipping coffee thanks to this XL brewer.

More Changes You’ll See

Here are additional changes that you’ll notice on the AeroPress XL if you’ve also grown fond and familiar with the original:

  • Updated logo and branding design that swaps the red color for white.
  • The scale numbers are now up to 8 in counts of 2, compared to the 1 to 4 markings on the original.
  • The tint on this bigger model is a bit darker than the standard AeroPress.
  • The AeroPress XL comes with  20 oz carafe made with clear shatterproof Tritan plastic (the same material used for the AeroPress Clear which I talked about in this review).

Overall, besides a few touch-ups here and there, the AeroPress XL is really a stretched-out AeroPress to solve the common complaint about the OG which is its limited capacity. 

Aeropress Xl Box

The Pricing

Now comes the cost. The AeroPress XL is double the price of the standard AeroPress, but are the changes really worth that much? It might seem too much at first but we should also consider that it comes with an AeroPress carafe that’s worth $20 if purchased separately.

With the carafe in mind, I think the higher cost is more acceptable, although I wouldn’t mind if the XL didn’t come bundled with it if the final price is also reduced.

How to Brew Coffee with The New AeroPress XL

Another thing that I really like about the AeroPress XL is it’s very easy to use just like the other models. In fact, the process is not very different from the usual AeroPress recipe. To make the most out of this innovative brewing device, follow these simple steps:

  1. Heat up your water in a kettle. The optimal temperature is near the boiling point, which is about 195°F (90°C) to 205°F (96°C).
  2. Begin by grinding 30g of coffee to medium-fine. I found that going a bit finer than I usually would with the standard AeroPress works best with the XL.
  3. Prepare your coffee maker for brewing. First, insert the paper filter into the brewing chamber, screw the filter cap, and put the carafe below it.
  4. Put the ground coffee inside and shake to level it.
  5. Pour 90g of hot water over the coffee bed.
  6. Give it a good stir to let it bloom for about 1 minute.
  7. After that, pour 255g of water and then stir it gently in a back-and-forth motion.
  8. In 3 to 5 minutes, you should see the water in the chamber to be just above the coffee grounds.
  9. Pour another 255g of water and give it a similar gentle stir.
  10. At the 7-minute mark you may plunge. To extract your coffee, press the plunger down slowly and let the final drink drip into your carafe.

If you are also familiar with the inverted method of AeroPress brewing, remember to be extra careful because the larger size of XL makes it trickier to hold when flipping the brewer.


The latest lineup of AeroPress brewers is definitely a treat to fans, but it’s also important to figure out if getting an upgrade is worth it. The XL model offers the much-awaited solution to the common drawback of the AeroPress— its limited capacity. Other than that though, it’s pretty much the same in terms of the brewing process and coffee experience.

So the XL is really about expanding the amount of coffee you can brew in one go. If you don’t find the standard model’s capacity to be a pain point for you personally, then your AeroPress at home doesn’t really warrant an upgrade. If you’re a coffee aficionado though, I completely understand if you have the urge to collect these brewers (because I do).

Have you tried the AeroPress XL or are you excited to get one? Let me know in the comments below.

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