Coffee Ripples: Instant Latte Art or a New Way to Express your Feelings?

A lot of people express their feelings through art and music. But with Coffee Ripples, you can express your deepest emotion at the top of your favorite drink. Too good to be true? Read our Coffee Ripples review to find out.

About Ripples

coffee ripples

Coffee Ripples is the pioneer of Bev-top media that uses the Ripple AM Maker machine to print content. Bev-top media is a communication platform that enables you to print personalized content directly on the top of any beverage. This content can either be in image or text form in high-resolution. Best of all, the extracts used as ink are 100% safe and edible!

So if you want to greet someone with a happy birthday or promote an upcoming event at your cafe with a personal touch, Bev-top media is the best coffee tech to grab anyone’s attention.

Features & Benefits

The Ripple Maker AM/PM

The Ripple Maker AM/PM is a coffee printer. It prints content at the top of any foam-based beverages. This content can be an image, a short quote, or a simple greeting. It uses the Ripple Pods as the “ink” of the printer.

These pods contain 100% natural extracts with no preservatives or artificial colors added. Currently, Coffee Ripples offer coffee, malt, and extracts from carrots.

Overview of the Machine

The Ripple Maker prints content in 10 seconds. The designs that you can print on any foam-based drinks are customizable. If you’re not sure of what to print, you can always browse from their catalog. This catalog contains pre-made designs that you can print on your beverages. Best of all, this machine does not take much space on your countertop.

Machine Specifications

The AM coffee printer machine has dimensions 19.5 in H x 8.5 in W x 10.5 in D that justifies its compactness and weighs 27 kg. It uses WiFi and consumes energy as much as 24V. To print an image, a cup that measures 4.25 inches wide will fit in.

The PM coffee printer is the bigger version of AM Ripple Maker. It can print images or text for cups that measure 4.25 inches to 9 inches wide. Its dimensions are 22 in H x 8.5 in W x 10.5 in D.

Ripple Pods

The coffee printer uses Ripple pods to create latte art. These pods contain natural extracts with no preservatives or artificial colors added.  Currently, Coffee Ripples offer coffee extract, malt, and extracts from carrots.

The available patented pods that you can buy from their shop is Coffee Pod and Beer Pod. And these pods have no aftertaste no matter how bold the colors used in printing the texts and images are.


Coffee Ripples is easy to use. You can download the Ripples app from Google Playstore and AppStore. You can invite your customers to upload their images, select and make adjustments. After some tweaking, you can create a latte art right away. 

Coffee Ripples FAQs

To know more about the coffee printer machine as well as the latte art and messages it creates. Here are the Coffe Ripples FAQs to guide you.

Can I make a drink using the Ripple Maker?

No. The Ripple Maker AM and PM help you make latte art and messages without an aftertaste.

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What does the Ripple Maker use in printing latte art and texts?

The coffee printer uses the Ripple Pods which contains plant-based extracts (coffee extract, malt, or carrot). These extracts have no preservatives or artificial colors added. Best of all, the pods provide NO after-taste no matter how detailed the image or text!

Can I refill the Ripple Pods myself?

The Pods are not refillable to avoid compromising the extracts’ quality and safety.

Are the extracts free from allergens?

Yes. Though most of our extracts are from coffee, malt, and carrots, the pods are zero risks from any allergens.

How many latte art and messages can I make out of a single pod?

To print a high-resolution image, it has to pass the machine twice. For selfies, it requires twice the amount of extract which can reduce the yields of the pods.

To estimate the volume of prints per pod here’s a simple guide to follow:

1 coffee pod can make 700 to 1100 text prints or 300 to 500 image prints

1 malt pod can make 900 to 1200 text prints or 250 to 700 image prints

1 carrot pod can make 1300 to 1600 text prints or  400 to 1000 image prints.

Do I need to refrigerate the Ripple Pods?

Though Ripple Pods have a very limited shelf life, you can still keep it at regular room temperature. Though, you should use it within a month after opening.

What other features will I find from the Ripples App?

Aside from the snap, upload, and printing features of the Ripple Maker App. It also allows you to find the nearest coffee shop that uses Ripple Maker.

Pricing and Where to Buy One

Coming soon.

What Do People Love About Coffee Ripples?

People love the printed coffee drink Ripples make. And here’s what they say.


Coffee Ripples makes coffee even more appealing not only to our taste buds but also to the eyes. In this digital age, a lot of people got hooked on their gadgets and have lost paying attention to their surroundings. Yet, the Ripple Maker brings back the joy of appreciating coffee not only for its taste but how your barista prepared it for you – customized.

Do you love latte art? Have you visited a cafe that uses Ripple Maker? Do you think this is cool or not so much? Tell us more about the printed coffee served to you in the comments below! If you’ve enjoyed reading our Coffee Ripple review, please share this post to your online friends and invite them to get a groupie latte art with you!

Cheryl De Torres

Cheryl De Torres


Writing content for 3 years and it wouldn't be possible without a cup of coffee in the morning. And yes! The stronger, the better.

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