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Aeropress Clear Review – Is It A Worthy Upgrade To The Original?

Being a barista for years now, I have tried various brewing methods but using the AeroPress was quick to become a favorite of mine. So when the latest “Clear” version rolled out, I was fast to get one. Now that I have given it a proper run, it’s time that I share with your my AeroPress Clear review.

From its unique style to its performance, I’ll discuss with you this brewer’s features and what sets it apart from the other AeroPress variants.

So sit back and relax as I spill the beans on the AeroPress Clear.

AeroPress Clear Review – My Honest Take

The AeroPress Clear is a nice upgrade to the basic AeroPress. It’s definitely eye-catching with its transparent design paired with the more durable Tritan plastic construction while maintaining the features we loved about the original— high portability, affordable price, and excellent brewing performance.

Honestly, there’s not really much of a difference between the two when brewing coffee. They’re both great and versatile. So if you’re more focused on performance, a normal AeroPress would suffice, and maybe you can purchase accessories instead with that extra money (such as an AeroPress flow control filter cup).

As for me though, seeing the brewing process adds an extra spark of joy to my morning routine. Considering that along with the added durability, it’s crystal clear to me that the AeroPress Clear is indeed worthy of its slightly pricier cost.


  • Transparent design adds visual feedback and aesthetic appeal
  • More durable Tritan plastic construction
  • Recyclable plastic material
  • Compact size and portability
  • Versatile brewing method
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Reasonable price


  • Paper filters may not be very eco-friendly
  • About $10 more expensive than the original

The Key Features of The Clear AeroPress Coffee Maker

There are several key features that set the AeroPress Clear apart from the other variants and make it a compelling coffee maker option. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features:

Aesthetic & Design

The most obvious difference between the AeroPress Clear and the standard AeroPress is the former’s transparent brew chamber. I love this look as it allows me to witness the brewing process firsthand, unlike the usual tinted design.

Not only does this add an extra layer of excitement when making coffee, but it also provides visual feedback so you can see if the brewing goes smoothly. It’s also fun to show off your brewing skills with this eye-catching coffee maker.

Other than that, this brewer’s physical characteristics are very similar to the original that you can even do the inverted method with this one. Overall, the AeroPress Clear just brews with more style.

Material and Build Quality

The transparent material of the AeroPress Clear is also an upgrade. It is made with Tritan plastic, which is known for its durability, impact resistance, and food-safe nature

This means that this brewer has a longer lifespan compared to the previous models’ plastic while still ensuring consumer safety and peace of mind. The difference in material is also noticeable with the weight, as the Clear is a bit heavier at around 230g than the standard model’s 180g.

Size, Capacity, and Portability

Despite being 50g heavier than its basic version, the AeroPress Clear still shines in terms of portability. After all, the AeroPress is really a powerhouse in portable brewing compared to other brewing devices out there.

It sports the same compact size (5.26″ tall and 4.22″ in diameter) and lightweight build, plus the plastic construction makes it safe from unwanted breakage inside your bag; unlike my former French press that now rests in pieces. As for its capacity, the AeroPress Clear can also make a cup of coffee in one brewing (or two strong cups you can dilute afterward).

Versatility and Performance

The AeroPress Clear continues to deliver exceptional coffee brewing performance, just like its predecessor. It combines immersion, aeration, and pressure to produce flavorful cups of coffee without any bitterness or grittiness. Whether you prefer American drip-style, cold brew, or espresso-style coffee, the AeroPress Clear has got you covered.

With this versatile brewing method at your fingertips, you can experiment with different grind sizes and extraction times to find the perfect balance that suits your taste preferences. The clear design also allows you to easily monitor the brewing process and make adjustments as needed.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

One of the standout features of the AeroPress across its different models is the user-friendly design. Brewing a cup of coffee with this device is quick, simple, and hassle-free.

You just combine the ground coffee inside and let them brew for about a minute. Once you have a properly immersed coffee, press on the plunger to extract your drink into your cup. You can read my simple step-by-step guide on how to make great coffee with an AeroPress.

Cleaning this coffee maker is also a breeze. Just pull out the plunger and unscrew the filter cap to disassemble it into its three main parts: filter, plunger, and chamber. You can then rinse them with warm water and let them dry.

While the AeroPress is dishwasher safe though, I do not recommend it as the silicone seal can deform over time. Click here to learn more about cleaning the AeroPress.


Let’s get to the issue of sustainability because we should all be for sustainable coffee. While it is made of plastic, the Tritan material is actually recyclable. The other AeroPress models’ polypropylene plastic constructions also share the same recyclability. And with proper care, this coffee maker’s durability can also mean less need for replacements in the long run.

Another advantage of the AeroPress is that it doesn’t use electricity, reducing its carbon footprint. It is also a better choice than machines that utilize single-use coffee pods every time they brew.

A drawback here though is the use of paper coffee filters. While these provide cleaner brews, they add to the overall waste whenever you make your coffee. But as an alternative, you can just use reusable metal filters instead.

Price and Value for Money

AeroPress coffee makers are also known for their affordability. While the original AeroPress is around $40, you can already get the Clear variant with just an additional $10. Although it’s worth noting that the basic AeroPress has 350 filters included while the Clear version only comes with 100 filters.

But is it worth it? Considering the added durability and aesthetic appeal, I think the higher price point is worth the purchase. I wouldn’t mind paying the added price for this convenient and portable brewer that’s made in the USA and offers excellent performance whether you want American, cold brew, espresso, and even lattes to liven up your mornings.

Comparing With the Aeropress Original, Aeropress Go, & Aeropress XL

To help you understand the differences between the various AeroPress models, here’s an overview of what sets each brewer variant from the others:

  • The AeroPress and AeroPress Clear share the same characteristics except for their material. The former is made with tinted polypropylene plastic while the Clear variant uses the transparent and more durable Tritan plastic.
  • The AeroPress Go is smaller in height at 4.6″ and has a diameter of 3.6″. The Go can hold 220ml of liquid while the original holds 250ml.
  • As its name suggests, the AeroPress XL is bigger, and can now brew about 590ml of coffee. It’s not as space-saving though, towering at 11″ in height and 4″ in diameter. Check out my AeroPress XL review to know all about it.
Aeropress Xl Vs Normal

Final Verdict

If you’re in search of an upgrade to your brewing, then the AeroPress Clear is worth looking into. This coffee maker offers both style and substance, sporting a transparent and more durable construction compared to the standard AeroPress. But it still has the same excellent performance, portability, and convenience that the original is known for.

Yes, it doesn’t change much in terms of its brewing process, but why fix it if it’s not broken, right? For me, the added durability and the transparency are worthy of paying those extra bucks if you’re picking your first AeroPress or just an established fan of the brand.

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