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How to Make A Real Frappé – The Authentic Greek Iced Coffee Recipe

Summertime is the best time to discover different iced coffee recipes, and one gem that’s often overlooked is the Greek iced coffee or the Frappé (“beaten” in French).

It has a rich, foamy texture unlike the common iced coffee, but it’s also very simple to make. I make mine even when I’m on vacation when I only have instant coffee at my disposal.

So if you’re also looking for ways to take your iced coffee up a notch without much fuss, then here’s my easy recipe for making an ice-cold Frappe.

What is a Frappé?

The Frappé is an iced coffee drink made with instant coffee, cold water, and sugar which are shaken or whisked together to create a foamy consistency before ice and milk are added to the mix.

It has been around since the mid-19th century, but back then Frappé was used to refer to a variety of iced coffee drinks. Even today, the term could mean different beverages depending on the country, with some serving it ice-blended with a slushy consistency, similar to the Frappuccino line of Starbucks.

However, the modern version of the Frappé really kicked off in 1957 during the Thessaloniki International Fair in Greece. When Nestlé was going to introduce an iced chocolate drink made with a shaker, an employee named Dimitris Vakondios who couldn’t find hot water for his coffee used the method with his coffee granules, accidentally inventing the Frappé!

With its interesting origin, simplicity, and rich texture to go with the delicious coffee, the Frappé might just become one of your go-to coffee drinks to cool you down in the summer.

Greek Frappe Recipe

Ingredients and Equipment for Making Frappé

Making a Frappé is really simple, you just need a few things:

  • Handheld frother or shaker: This gives the Frappé its rich texture, setting it apart from the typical iced coffee.
  • 1 tbsp instant coffee: Creates the coffee base for your Frappé.
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar: Provides sweetness that complements the foamy coffee drink.
  • 100 ml cold water: Used to dissolve the instant coffee. It dissolves slower in cold water, but the frother or shaker will speed things up.
  • 50 ml milk: A splash of milk adds creaminess.
  • Ice: Added to complete the chilled drink.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Frappé

Making a Frappé is as easy as making an iced coffee. Instead of hot water, you simply use cold water and add frothing or shaking to the process. Here are the steps to crafting a cup of Frappé:

1. Combine instant coffee, sugar, and water.

  • Add your instant coffee, sugar, and water to a cup.
  • If you’re shaking the mixture, use your shaker instead of a cup.

2. Froth the mixture.

  • Start shaking the mixture or use the handheld frother to froth it until smooth and foamy.
  • The thicker the froth, the better.

3. Pour the milk.

  • Once your frothed coffee is in the cup, slowly pour the milk.
  • You should see the foam rise and remain on top of the drink.

4. Add some ice and serve.

  • Add some ice cubes and let them sink into the foam.
  • Serve and enjoy your Frappé!

What kind of cup should a Frappé be served in?

A Frappé is often served in a large transparent glass, enough to make room for the foam and ice cubes. It should also be consumed using a straw to avoid causing any mess as you drink your foamy Frappé.

Barista Tips for Making Greek Iced Coffee

Here are a few tips to try with your Frappé:

  • Add toppings: The foam of your can hold toppings for your Frappé. I like adding mocha syrup and marshmallows to mine 🙂
  • Blend it with ice: Another popular version of the Frappé involves using a blender to crush the ingredients with ice and produce a slushy consistency. Just blend the coffee, ice, milk, and sugar until foamy, and top with whipped cream.
  • Flavor your Frappé: You can also try infusing flavors into your ice-blended Frappé. Some syrups you can add to the mix are caramel and mocha.
Frappe Recipe Featured

How to Make Frappé Coffee – Recreate the Classic Greek Iced Coffee With This Recipe

A cold blend of coffee, sugar, and milk with a foamy texture.
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Coffee Smarts
Servings 1 servings
Calories 55 kcal


  • 11 g Instant coffee
  • 100 ml Cold water
  • 11 g Brown sugar
  • 50 ml Milk
  • Ice


  • Combine the instant coffee, brown sugar, and cold water in a cup or shaker.
  • Either shake the mixture or use a handheld frother to froth it until thick foam forms.
  • In the cup, pour the milk over the frothed coffee. The foam should remain on top.
  • Add ice and serve with a straw.


Use a blender to mix the coffee, ice, milk, and sugar before topping it with whipped cream to make a slushy version of the Frappe.

Now that you know how to craft a cool cup of Frappé, you can also check out my other cold coffee recipes such as Vietnamese iced coffee, frozen cappuccino, Mazagran coffee, and Java Chip Frappuccino.

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