Portland Roasting Company Review: How Sustainability and Coffee Make Connections

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While most roasters claim to sell only the best coffee from regions where coffee plant cultivation is rich and abundant. In the case of Portland Roasting Company, it’s all about building sustainable relationships and connections. Is this marketing propaganda or smart business?  

Definitely a little of both. In this article, we’ll review the impact that environmental and social consciousness has to create a healthy culture within the coffee company’s and its stakeholders’ circle at Portland Coffee Roasters.

Mission and History of the Company

The Portland Roasting Coffee company sources its beans directly from farmers. Not only do these coffee roasters support  FairTrade, but they also embrace practices that build sustainable relationships with the communities.

For two decades, Portland Roasting Holdings LLC has extended its support from the local community to the farmers by creating lasting connections that will benefit both people and the planet. Two milestones worth noting include the following: 

The first one is the direct shipment from the La Hilda Estate (Costa Rica) and the second is the 1999 project with the Finca El Paternal in Guatemala.

The success of these two projects has emphasized the connection between coffee farmers and the Portland coffee in your cup. Since then, improving the quality of life of the farmers and the coffee consumers has become the primary goal of  Portland Coffee Roasters as they commit themselves to global stewardship.


As an advocate for environmental sustainability, Portland Coffee Roasters has been committed to operating with green practices in order to reduce the company’s social and ecological impact. A small step can make a difference and constant practice can make steady progress. Ultimately, it’s an oath Portland Coffee Roasters will undertake to improve their operations continuously.

Social Impact

This Portland coffee roasting company sees to it that they always give back more than what they receive to the communities in need. Since its founding in 1996, these coffee roasters have actively participated and supported global projects within the coffee landscape. Some of the most notable projects include these:

  • Donating construction supplies to help the children of the Kinjibi Tribe in Papua Guinea in 2003. It is to help the children of the Madan Estate get access to primary education by building a school. 
  • Rebuilding a Sumatran orphanage in 2007 and support children of the Civil War and the 2004 Tsunami in 2007.
  • Funding a Water well project to promote proper hygiene in Malawi.
  • Working with PGI, the Human Bean, and The Coffee Source to build a wastewater collection facility for 168 coffee farms in Caldas, Colombia.

Things to consider before buying

There’s a big difference between what you buy from the local store and online. Buying coffee from the local grocer is a risk. Mis-management could put old stock or unreliable sources onto the shelves. However, when you choose to buy coffee online, you should still consider the following things before purchasing Portland coffee:

Coffee Quality

Both the harvesting and roasting methods play an essential role in making a good quality cup of coffee. The way it is processed can profoundly affect the cupping and flavor notes of the coffee, so it’s best to look for coffee roasters that give the utmost care to the coffee plants and their roasting processes.


The best coffee grows in regions that experience favorable climate conditions and rich, abundant soil. To bring more value to the beans, the coffee roasters at the Portland roasting firm team up with growers and importers to consistently produce excellent coffee.


The ultimate goal of a Portland coffee roaster is to support coffee farmers by purchasing beans directly from the growers and co-ops that they’ve known for over 20 years.


The beans are traceable from the coffee farms to your morning cup. A team from this coffee roaster routinely visits, tours, and inspects the farms where they source their coffee. Likewise, they regularly meet with trusted import partners to inquire about the origin of the beans.


A good cup of morning joe starts with dedicated farmers who put their TLC  into growing, harvesting, and then roasting the beans. 

Online Sales

Knowing that the Portland roastery has an online shop and can deliver anywhere within the US eases the burden and anxiety of running low on coffee!

Features and Benefits

Brand new packaging features original drawings from Taylor Engel and Klay Arsenault. The Portland roasting coffee updates include the following roasts:

Light Roast

  • Guatemala: A single-origin beans with notes of chocolate, raisin, cinnamon, and molasses.
  • Ethiopian: An organic roast with hints of citrus, bergamot, and black tea notes.
  • Morning: It’s a coffee blend with milk chocolate and cherry finish.

Medium Roast

  • Goose Hollow: A medium-dark blend with hints of dark chocolate and complex flavor notes.
  • Portland House: A sweet and chocolatey Guatemalan coffee with balanced and smooth flavor notes.
  • Hawthorne: A roast blend notable for its creamy and dark chocolatey notes.

Dark Roast

  • Dark Sumatra: An organic brew that is delightfully rich with a savory and smokey finish.
  • French Blend: A Portland brew with a complex and smokey trademark finish.
  • French Organic: A full-bodied and smokey dark roast.

Social Proof

For over 20 years, Portland Coffee Roaster has been a coffee shop and online coffee product favorite. Here’s what enthusiast coffee drinkers have to say:


A fresh pound of @pdxcoffeeroasters Mt. Tabor Blend…make me happy to see on this cool Saturday morning!!! #portlandroastingcoffee #portlandcoffeeroasters #localbusiness


Enjoying a taste of Portland on this rainy morning 

#portlandoregonlife #stumptowncoffee #portlandroastingcoffee #pnwisbest #missinghome #secondhometown #waitingtotravel #readytoexplore


This IS a tasty cup of coffee!! Look at those oily beans… mm mmm! #portlandroastingcoffee #darkroast #sumatra #blackcoffee #iloveoregon


If you think Portland Coffee Roasters isn’t for you, try our recommended alternatives. 

Volcanica Coffee

  • Ethiopian-Yirgacheffe: An organic roast that features a medium body with hints of cinnamon and strawberry notes.
  • Ethiopian-Guji: A shade-grown coffee that boasts a balanced and smooth body with winey citrus and floral notes.
  • Volcanica Peaberry coffees: A gourmet coffee with a richer flavor. You can choose among JBM Peaberry Coffee, Bolivia Peaberry, Brazil Peaberry, etc.

Coffee Subscriptions

Grounds and Hounds made our list for the 25 Best Subscription Coffees. Want to see who else is on that list? Click here.

Want coffee automatically sent to you? You can get a coffee delivered to your doorstep every month, at the same time give pups a second chance in life with Grounds and Hounds Coffee subscription.


You can choose between their famous blends such as:

When you purchase any of these over $50, you can get 15% off when you use the BigCupofCoffee code upon checkout. Best of all, you can have it delivered to your doorstep with free shipping.

Save 15% Off Your Order + Get FREE SHIPPING over $50 – click this link and use the coupon code BigCupofCoffee.


Coffee tastes better when you know that you can also help other people with every purchase. Likewise, you’ll be able to contribute to environmental preservation and development with all of your charitable purchases. For over 20 years, the Portland Roasting Company has kept its promise by always supporting communities in need. It’s no wonder that for so many years, the link between the roasters, the growers and importers remain intact and robust.

Have you tried any of the Portland coffee mentioned? What Portland Coffee can you recommend? What’s the cupping experience like with single-origin coffee? Please share with us your coffee thoughts at the comments below.

Adam McAree

Adam McAree


Adam loves coffee. Since opening a cafe with his parents in 1994, he's never really been without a french press or without access to a local roaster. Share a coffee with him and be prepared for some serious conversation!

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