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Hugo Coffee: A Local Utah Roaster and a Love Story about Dogs and Coffee

Can love for coffee and dogs make a difference? A local roaster in Park City, Utah, made it possible. Hugo Coffee Roasters keeps on winning the coffee and dog community’s hearts with its coffee blends and dog rescue mission since 2015. How do they do it? Read and enjoy.

Hugo Coffee Roasters Overview

Hugo Coffee Roasters has kept on winning the coffee and dog community’s hearts with its coffee blends and dog rescue mission since 2015.


  • Roasted using renewable energy
  • Coffee packs come in compostable bamboo packaging
  • Reasonable price


  • A small variety of choices
  • Offers one type of subscription

How Hugo Coffee Roasters Started

Hugo Coffee Roasters started from Claudia McMullin’s dream of living a more outdoorsy lifestyle than being stuck in the office as a Wall Street litigator. When she heard about Friends of Animals’ need for an executive director to lead, she took the role since she’s all about dogs and animals. For a few years, she served the institution in doing rescue missions.

On those times, she also found out that her favorite local coffee vendor would no longer renew their lease and had decided to sell their equipment. Not ready to give up her favorite coffee from Silver Bean, she bought the coffee shop in 2015 and renamed it after her handsome rescue pup, Hugo, who also served as its face and inspiration.


Hugo Coffee Roaster of Park City, Utah, aims to support the dog rescue missions by donating 10% of its profits. Two of its beneficiaries are the Best Friends Animal Society Utah and Nuzzles & Co. Likewise, they collaborate with local retail partners on the adoption and education events that the roasters support and hold fundraising events for a furry cause.

At present, Team Hugo was able to generate funds to produce 4,102 meals, administer 2,790 vaccines, 174 neuter operations, and make 996 dog beds from every Hugo coffee beans bag. They also feature our furry friends such as Frankenstein, Bode, Finley, Monkey, and Ruby – with each having stories to tell.

What’s Special About the Location?

The Hugo Coffee Shop

The Hugo Coffee Shop stands against the picturesque Wasatch Mountains. You can dine-in or pick up your roast at the curbside inside the Park City Visitor Center. Every time you visit this homely cafe, you’ll be welcomed by the smell of freshly roasted coffee, a warm smile from the staff, and some furry friends hanging out.


You can also purchase your favorite Hugo Coffee Blend at their official website at Browse for all their coffee blends, 3-pack and 6-pack roaster bundles, cold brew coffee, and other Hugo Coffee merchandise such as mugs, tumblers, and gift cards.

Things to Consider Before Buying


Hugo Coffee in Park City offers flat-rate shipping of $5. If your total purchase is over $35, you ship the Hugo products right at your doorstep for free.


When you subscribe to Hugo Coffee, you can receive your order every month with a 15% discount. A 12 oz bag of Hugo beans subscription cost $13.59 while the 5 lbs bag of Hugo beans subscription is $59.49.

Team Hugo 

Hugo Coffee Roasters is led by Founder and CEO Claudia McMullin and John Lynn, the head roaster responsible for roasting the coffee blends you love.

Features & Benefits

Social Impact

Hugo Coffee Roasters is committed to supporting the small family farms and co-ops through Fair Trade. They buy their coffee beans directly from the people who grow and manage the coffee farms and cooperatives that practice fair labor and healthcare for all family members.  Likewise, they support every dog rescue mission of Friends and Animals and Nuzzle & Co. 

Quality Vs Price

To ensure that the beans arrive consistently fresh at your doorstep, John Lynn (head roaster of Hugo Coffee Roasters) roasts the coffee beans in a tightly controlled process concerning the beans’ origin, region, and cultivation altitude. For such dedication in roasting a coffee blend, each coffee bag’s price is reasonable enough to enjoy a barista-quality coffee while you save dogs.

Variety of Choices

Hugo Coffee offers delectable artisanal roasts with coffee beans imported from South and Central America as well as Central Africa. Below are the remarkable coffee blends you can buy on their Park City Utah coffee shop and their online shop.

  • Black Paw French Roast
  • Bonafido Dark Roast
  • New Trick Light Roast
  • Downward Dog Decaf
  • Dog Daze Cold Brew
  • Roaster’s Choice
  • Howler Espresso
  • Roll Over Breakfast Blend


The coffee beans imported from coffee regions in South and Central America, Peru, and Central Africa are roasted in their modernized roastery located in Park City, Utah. Since Utah had pledged to use 100% of renewable energy by 2032, Hugo Coffee Roaster took the sustainable initiative to upgrade its roasting process with a Diedrich roaster and oxidizer, which leaves the air clean.


Hugo Coffee Roasters offers a monthly coffee subscription with the cost ranging between $13.59 and $59.49.

Online Perks

When you join their newsletter, you’ll be the first to know about their latest coffee and dog news, upcoming events, dog rescue initiatives, and insider deals.

Coffee Blends Available

Coffee and dog lovers will have a hard time choosing which coffee blends Hugo Coffee tastes best. So, we at Big Cup of Coffee shared our personal Hugo blend favorites with a thumbs up. It could be your next favorite cup!

Roll-Over Breakfast Blend

If you find getting up in the morning difficult, the Roll-Over Breakfast Blend will hit the alarm’s snooze for you. It’s a smooth, bright, and sweet-toned coffee to ease your day. This Hugo Breakfast blend is available in 12 oz bags and 5 lbs coffee bags and can be whole beans, ground, or French Press ground.

Our Pick
Hugo Coffee Roasters Roll Over Breakfast Blend

The Roll Over Breakfast Blend is designed to provide a smooth and easy-drinking experience, ideal for starting the day. It features a solid, sweet base with tasting notes of maple, milk chocolate, and nuts. This coffee originates from Peru.

Black Paw French Roast

You can get the Black Paw French Roast in 12oz or 5 lbs bags of whole beans, ground, or French Press grounds coffee. It’s a classic, dark roast for coffee lovers who like their morning coffee bold and strong with a lingering taste.

French Toast
Hugo Coffee Roasters Black Paw French Toast

Black Paw French Roast is a dark roast coffee known for its bold and strong flavor profile. It features tasting notes of burnt sugar, dark chocolate, and spice. This coffee, popular among French Roast enthusiasts, originates from South America.

Dog Daze Cold Brew

The Dog Daze Cold Brew is the perfect coffee blend to bring when you walk your dog at the park or enjoy the scenery while on a camping trip with your furry buddies. You can get it either in a 16 oz bag, a 5 lb ground coffee bean, or in packs of compostable bamboo coffee bags. It’s a refreshing cold brew with strong, bold, and rich cup notes.

For Cold Brew
Hugo Coffee Roasters Dog Daze Cold Brew

Dog Daze Cold Brew offers a convenient way to create cold brew coffee at home or while camping, using carefully selected and roasted beans. The product promises a high-quality, strong, bold, rich, and smooth concentrate. It features tasting notes of chocolate, nut, and spice, and originates from Central Africa.

Downward Dog Decaf

The Downward Dog Decaf is a sweet treat for coffee drinkers who want to avoid the jitters. It has the tasting notes of caramel, banana bread, and cocoa. It comes as a strong decaf with no smoky or chemical aftertaste. You can get it packed in 12 oz and 5 lbs coffee bags.

Hugo Coffee Roasters Downward Dog Decaf

This decaf product offers a robust decaffeinated option for those who enjoy the flavor and experience of coffee but wish to avoid caffeine. It is produced through a meticulous process of bean selection, roasting, and a special decaffeination method, ensuring a strong taste without the burnt or chemical flavors common in other decaf coffees. The tasting notes include banana bread, caramel, and cocoa, and the beans are sourced from various regions, and selected for their quality in decaffeination.

What the Community Says About Hugo Coffee

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When two of my favorite things come together, I want to start singing like a Von Trapp on a mountain side. . Dogs and coffee! It’s just so simple! Let me start by staying this is not a sponsored or affiliated post. I actually got this coffee as a Yankee Swap gift and I started doing research into the company. For those of you who don’t know (yet) I love dogs this much (my arms are open I swear). I work in the creative department of a national veterinary health company and am slightly obsessed with my own pup, Luka. . This was such an awesome gift and I wanted to share the idea with all of you looking to get last minute gifts for the coffee and animal lover in your life. Each bag of coffee helps feed dogs in shelters. So you can sip while they chow down. . They seem to have subscription coffee clubs but the person who got my gift grabbed it on amazon! So I’ll place the link in my bio in case you’re interested. If you have Prime it will arrive before Christmas! . Dogs. Am I right? ???? . . #bookstagram #coffeegram #hugocoffee #cupofjoe #holiday #christmas #giftideas #dogs #dogsofinstagram #bookworm #bookish #booksbooksbooks #booksandcoffee #dogslife #dogrescue #bibliophile #sundayfunday #bookcommunity #bookstagrammer #booklife

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Alternative Choice: Grounds and Hounds Coffee

Like Hugo Coffee, Grounds and Hounds Coffee is a roaster that supports animal rescue and adoption. With every purchase, you help dogs get a second chance. Not only that, you also support coffee farmers through their Fair Trade products.

Read more on our Grounds and Hounds Coffee review.

Best Social Mission
Grounds & Hounds Single Origin Sumatra

Grounds & Hounds Single Origin Sumatra is a specialty grade, 100% organic, Fair Trade certified Sumatran dark roast. It features a bold, rich, smoky flavor with maple syrup and toasted marshmallow aromas, complemented by cocoa and pie spice notes.


From this Hugo Coffee Review, we can learn so much from the Founder and CEO, Claudia McMullin. Hugo Coffee Roaster is such a huge inspiration if you want to make a difference. This Utah-based roastery aims to save dogs, offer the best-tasting coffee, and promote sustainability through renewable energy use in roasting coffee beans. 

From its foundation in 2015, this coffee roaster continues to be of service to the community, animals, and the environment. No wonder Hugo Coffee Shop in Park City is the haven for coffee and dog lovers.

Have you visited the Hugo Coffee Shop in Park City? What Hugo coffee have you tried? Please share with us your Hugo Coffee experience in the comments below.

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