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    Cafe Gaga Espresso Shot Mirror

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    A functional and stylish addition to any espresso enthusiast’s countertop, the Espresso Shot Mirror is a practical tool for dedicated baristas. This mirror allows you to examine the flow of your espresso shots from a naked portafilter, so you can diagnose common problems, such as channeling. Key Features: Magnetic Base: A magnet keeps the mirror in…

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    Espresso Shot Mirror


    This Espresso Mirror Shot is a simple yet functional accessory designed to enhance your espresso-making experience. With this tool, you can easily your espresso as it comes out of your naked portafilter, allowing you to spot any issues (channeling, spraying, etc.) in your shots with ease. Key Features: 360° Adjustment: You can position the mirror at…

When choosing our espresso shot mirrors, we considered safety, material quality, and user feedback.

We have espresso shot mirrors that are made of aluminum and wood with a clear mirror for better brewing.

If you need recommendations, we suggest the Cafe Gaga Espresso Shot Mirror with a stylish wood accent and our sleek Espresso Shot Mirror.

Why should I use an espresso shot mirror?

These tools allow you to see your espresso as it is being extracted from your naked portafilter so you can diagnose your shots.

Can these espresso shot mirrors fit different espresso machine sizes?

Yes, our espresso shot mirrors are designed to accommodate various espresso machine sizes.