Why Happy Cup Coffee Deserves a Spot in your Post-Lockdown Plans

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This pandemic has taught people to rethink their choices and goals for the future. If you’re starting to write your bucket list of to-dos once this pandemic ends, you may want to consider using Happy Cup Coffee for post-lockdown coffee consumption. We’ve reviewed what we think are the primary factors for making a decision to support this mission-driven roaster when you buy coffee online.


Happy Cup Coffee is not just your ordinary coffee company in town. This coffee shop in NE Portland has taken pride in two things:

  • Employment to people with potential at a competitive wage from the local community
  • An affordable, great-tasting specialty cup of coffee with a cause


Happy Cup Coffee aims to support people with disabilities through their sustainable employment opportunities. It’s a coffee shop that helps individuals with disabilities to become productive members of society. Part of their Happy Cuppers’ duties is bagging, weighing coffee, labeling, and creating unique blend names for their roasts.

Truly, Happy Cup operates with a goal “to pair great coffee with a great cause.” 

Social Justice

Happy Cup is proud of their coffee with each batch roasted by “people with potential.” They provide real-life skill-building programs for special needs adults. Lastly, with every bag of roast purchased – you help those with disabilities to gain confidence and reverse the inequities they face in the employment world.

Things to Consider before Buying

When looking for coffee products that support a more significant cause, it is best to consider the following factors: 

  • Online shipping

You can order online through their Happy Cup App. Also, Happy Cup of Coffee offers free domestic shipping in the United States for orders over $40. While $7 flat rate shipping is provided to HC lovers from Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

  • Availability of products in brick-and-mortar stores

Beans are available at brick-and-mortar stores and cooperatives throughout Portland, Oregon. Likewise, Happycup blends are also sold at New Seasons, Whole Foods, Fred Meyer, Green Zebra, and Zupan’s.

  • Offer coffee subscription of unique blends.

Happy Cup subscription offers a monthly delivery of coffee bags depending on the number of packets (1, 2, or 3) you’ll choose for delivery. If you can’t get enough of their blends, you can opt for their 5-Pound Monthly subscription.

  • Offer other brew-related merch.

Feel free to browse their Swag merch where you can find cool shirts, beanies, mugs, and gift boxes with Happy Cups’ logo.

Features & Benefits

Aside from HC’s cool swag merchandise, this Portland roaster also offers the following bestsellers:

Seasonal Coffee: Mexico Single Origin ($)

Known as: The Dancing Bean – Having the Cup of your Life

Cupping notes: Silky and sweet with a lingering honey finish

Flavor notes: with notes of fresh nectarine and pineapple

Aroma: smells like breakfast cereal and chocolate mint

Espresso Roast: Organic Blend ($)

Known as: Morning Madness

Cupping notes: smooth and creamy

Flavor notes: with notes of rich chocolate and hints of roasted nuts undertones

Aroma: clean citrus

Dark Roast

Known as: BOOM! BOOM! ($)

Cupping Notes: classic full-bodied

Flavor notes: with notes of  bittersweet chocolate, caramelized sugar, and almonds

Aroma: smoked-honey

Social Proof

There’s a lot of reasons to support Happy Cup and their causes, and here’s some of them:


We’ve reviewed our favorite online vendors in previous posts. If your’re looking for something different, read our review about Volcanica Coffee and check out the blends below:

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee by Volcanica ($$)

Cupping notes: organic, medium-bodied, complex coffee with distinctive floral and fruity tones

Flavor notes: with hints of cinnamon and very ripe strawberry undertones

Costa Rican Peaberry Coffee ($$)

Cupping notes: mild, sweet and vibrant; has an intense flavor

Flavor notes: with nutty and chocolatey notes and berry undertones

Wallenford Blue Mountain Coffee ($$)

Cupping notes: soft-bodied, sweet-toned coffee with citrus, floral, and pungent buttery notes.

Flavor notes: crisp chocolate with orange zest flavor and hints of mint

Grounds and Hounds (coffee subscription)

Save 15% Off Your Order + Get FREE SHIPPING over $50 – click this link and use the coupon code BigCupofCoffee.

Morning Walk Breakfast Blend: A coffee with full-body but with a mild finish

Alpha Blend Dark Roast: A big, bold coffee with rich-tasting notes of vanilla, cocoa, and nutmeg.


Happy Cup coffee is a coffee company that truly supports people with disabilities. They help people with potential to be productive members of society by providing life-skill training they can use in the employment world. Hence, these people are able to unlock their talents in creating something that put smiles on our faces – coffee!

We’d love to hear more about your coffee experience with Happy Cup. What coffee  can you recommend from their menu? Is there a specific blend that is a must-try? Share your Happy Cup thoughts in the comments below.


Cheryl De Torres

Cheryl De Torres


Writing content for 3 years and it wouldn't be possible without a cup of coffee in the morning. And yes! The stronger, the better.

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