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I’ve been a coffee enthusiast since even before becoming a barista, and one of my habits that has been most helpful/insightful throughout the years is coffee journaling.

It’s a ritual that allows you to appreciate every subtle nuance and note of your daily grind, level up your barista knowledge and palate, and remember even the people you had coffee with 🙂

What is Coffee Journaling?

Coffee journaling is simply writing down your daily interactions with coffee that is mainly used to record coffee-tasting notes, so you can easily map and grasp your brews and review the info whenever you need to.

I used a plain pocket-sized notebook back then, but it’s easy to forget an item or two that’s why I recommend using a logbook designed specifically for your coffee routine.

Here is what a log page would have:

Coffee Tasting Log Book Sample Page

Our First Book – Coffee Journal: Bean to Cup Log Book

Writers would say that the scariest part of writing is facing a blank page, which also applies to coffee journaling. But fret not, because you don’t have to start from scratch.

We have officially released our first book: Coffee Journal: Bean to Cup Log Book

It is a comprehensive coffee-tasting journal and guide where you can jot down your barista and café adventures.

Whether you make your own caffeine fix or purchase from a coffee shop, it’s the perfect self-treat and gift fit for all coffee lovers.

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What’s Inside?

Caffeine Chronicles is a handy notebook with over 40 pages for your java journaling, complete with guides to get you started in understanding your daily cup of coffee including:

  • How to taste coffee – Recognizing the tasting notes of your cup of joe including the flavors, aromas, and textures. It also has a guide to using the flavor wheel from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).
  • Varietals and coffee-growing regions – Discover the different bean varieties (Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica) along with the different Coffee Belt regions and the distinct traits of their beans.
  • Factors that affect the taste of your cup – A quick explainer of which factors affect your final cup from the beans’ origin to the different brewing methods.
  • Coffee journaling pages – Simple but comprehensive, ink these pages with all of the insightful information from your daily coffee and analyze your findings for a better understanding of your brews.
Coffee Journal Template Page

If you want, you can download the coffee-tasting journal template page in PDF format here.

Or even better, you can buy our book on Amazon.

A Must Have
Coffee Journal

The "Coffee Journal: Bean To Cup Log Book" is designed by Tom Fontana, a barista and creator of, to guide enthusiasts through the diverse world of coffee. It offers features like an introduction to various coffee beans, a guide to the coffee flavor wheel, practical tips for coffee tasting, and page templates for recording personal coffee tastings, experiences, and thoughts about each cup.

  • 40+ log pages
  • Coffee tasting guide

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