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Vietnamese Phin Filter – Aluminum


The Vietnamese Phin Filter lets you brew authentic, rich Vietnamese coffee quickly and easily, one perfect cup at a time. This simple, no-fuss filter produces flavorful coffee without paper filters or complex machines.

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This authentic, low cost Vietnamese Phin filter brews one cup of exquisite coffee at a time, giving you the perfect Southeast Asian coffee experience. It’s a simple, efficient way to make delicious coffee in less than five minutes, without the need for paper filters or complex machines.


  • Brews authentic Vietnamese-style coffee
  • Makes one perfect cup at a time
  • Quick and easy brewing process
  • No paper filters required (unless you want to use one)
  • Simple to use and clean

Product details:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Available sizes: 115ml, 135ml, 185ml, 310ml
  • Brewing time: Less than 5 minutes

Instructions for use:

  1. Boil water to 185°F – 195°F
  2. Twist the filter plate firmly into the ground coffee, but don’t overtighten
  3. Pour hot water into the phin
  4. Allow the coffee to drip through
  5. Adjust the filter plate if coffee drips too quickly or not at all
  6. Enjoy your perfectly brewed Vietnamese coffee

Maintenance and tips:

  • Use Vietnamese robusta beans
  • Clean the filter after each use
  • If coffee drips too fast, ensure the filter plate is firmly in place
  • If coffee doesn’t drip, loosen the filter plate slightly
  • For a lactose-free option, try sweetened condensed coconut milk

Ready to savor the rich taste of authentic Vietnamese coffee at home? Add this low priced Vietnamese Phin Coffee Filter to your cart now.

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8 reviews for Vietnamese Phin Filter – Aluminum

  1. R****
    July 3, 2024
    Worth for the price.
    Good product !
    Imp Customer Reviewa3e83f7d7c87a48f999195edbbf40d575b
    Imp Customer Reviewaf753c2047cd54298ba5b0976cf6abb53f
    Imp Customer Reviewa3e83f7d7c87a48f999195edbbf40d575b
    July 1, 2024
    Very sharp-edged.
    A********* S******
    June 4, 2024
    Fast delivery but the lid has scratches.
    April 13, 2024
    Good product, very happy with it. As one reviewer mentioned, some of the edges are a bit sharp so be careful.
    April 9, 2024
    Fast shipping, ok product. Thank you seller.
    Imp Customer Reviewa83c84ad205d74991b7372884a88ac973l
    March 20, 2024
    Not expensive, but not great quality. You get what you paid for.
    March 6, 2024
    Thin material, but still a nice buy.
    Imp Customer Reviewa90ad2ba706994798ab0fb9f44bd563cbr
    Imp Customer Reviewad3c2ff38bfa44b7fb773460da55f7cabg
    Imp Customer Reviewa5e975cdb34b74b48ba76aaa3dad02677o
    Imp Customer Reviewa90ad2ba706994798ab0fb9f44bd563cbr
    January 13, 2024
    Poor quality, sharp edges.

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