Flying Cat Coffee Company: Meowing Delicious


Portland is a city that has many hidden gems. One of the most magical places in portland was the flying cat coffee shop. This coffee shop sat on top of an old building and overlooked downtown portland from above. The building itself was also worth checking out, as it used to be an old factory with beautiful architecture. The cafe’s interior decorating reflects this industrial vibe, but still managed to be warm and inviting at the same time.

Flying cat coffee had the best coffee in portland using Nossa Familia roasts. They roast their own beans and offer a rotating selection of coffee blends to choose from, so no matter what your taste preferences are there’s something for you! The menu also includes delicious breakfast sandwiches served with house-made granola and iced lattes on tap – perfect for any time of day.

Flying cat coffee was the best place to go in portland if you were looking for great coffee with a cozy atmosphere that provides everything from your usual morning cup o’ joe to an evening iced latte on tap.

Oh and what’s more PDX than a cat themed cafe? Nada.

Sadly, the Flying Cat Coffee has moved on to rainbow bridge in the post coronavirus era in 2021.


Flying Cat Coffee Company at 3041 S.E. Division, Portland, Oregon 97202

The founder of BCoC Dave used to live in the same neighborhood as this gem and remembers it all too well.

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