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Coffee Maker Reviews

Hario V60 Review Featured

Hario V60 Review – Taste Test & Barista’s Real Opinion

In my years crafting all kinds of coffee with the different brewing methods and devices that I could get my hands on, the Hario V60 is one that really stands out with such simplicity. If you’re wondering what makes this pour over brewer a popular pick among baristas and coffee lovers alike, then you’re in…
Chemex Review Featured

In-Depth Chemex Review: My Brewing Experience & Coffee Quality

Being a barista, I’ve seen and tried my fair share of brewing methods. But there’s one that has always captivated my attention with its elegance and simplicity: the Chemex Coffee Maker. If you’re curious about what makes this glass masterpiece so alluring and how it compares to other brewing techniques, grab your favorite mug, settle…

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Hario V60 5 Pour Recipematt Winton Featured

Detailed Hario V60 Five Pour Coffee – Matt Winton’s Award-Winning Recipe

I’ve been brewing with my Hario V60 for years, and it was a delight. But after some time, I felt like I needed to step things up a bit. That’s when I stumbled upon Matt Winton’s award-winning V60 Five Pour recipe. With some added steps, the resulting cup was indeed quite a leap from my…

Hario V60 Brewing Featured

Easy Hario V60 Recipe – How to Make Coffee with the V60 Pour-Over

When friends ask me how they can start making pour/over coffee, I always recommend using the Hario V60. A trusted brewing device for coffee lovers, the Hario V60 is very easy to use. Trust me, if you know the basic V60 recipe, you’ll always get a great cup that highlights each bean’s unique flavors and notes…

French Press Cold Brew Featured

How to Make French Press Cold Brew Coffee – Combining The Two Brewing Techniques

It always excites me to discover new ways to prepare my caffeine fix. This is why I was extra-thrilled when I learned I could make cold brew with a French press a while back. I then spent the next few weeks perfecting this method and today, I’m sharing my winning recipe with you. After reading…

How To Clean French Press Featured

4 Easy Ways to Clean a French Press: Quick, Easy, and Thorough Methods

I’ve been using a French press for brewing coffee for years now, and I know full well that maintaining its cleanliness is essential to making consistently delicious brews every time. To help you keep your French press in tip-top shape, here’s a handy guide for you. In this article, I’ll discuss the different methods to…

Coffee Immersion Featured

What is Immersion Coffee Brewing? Discover the Different Methods for a Full-Flavored Cup

After years of making my own cup of joe with different brewing methods, I know full well how important extraction is for a full-flavored cup. When it comes to extracting the rich flavors of coffee beans, immersion coffee brewing is a great option. In this article, I’ll explain to you what immersion brewing is and why…