Coffee Processing Methods Compared Featured

Coffee Processing Methods Compared – Natural or Dry, Washed, Honey, & More

Have you ever found yourself shopping for coffee beans and wonder what the natural, washed, and honey processes meant? If you’re not knowledgeable about coffee processing methods, these terms will be confusing. But no worries, your friendly neighborhood barista to the rescue. In this article, I’ll discuss the different coffee processing methods, exploring the natural…

What Is Shade Grown Coffee Featured

What is Shade-Grown Coffee? A Guide to Its Benefits, Taste, & Finding the Right One

Have you found yourself shopping for coffee beans and a “Bird Friendly” seal on the packaging caught your curiosity? No, it doesn’t mean you can feed them to birds 🙂 It only certifies that the coffee you’re buying is shade-grown instead of being sun-grown. If this prompts you to ask even more questions, worry not….

Is Roasting Coffee Hard

How is coffee roasted? The complex phases of roasting explained

A raw green coffee bean doesn’t smell or taste anything like what we know as roasted coffee: it smells fresh and grassy. It’s hard to imagine that green beans actually contain around 800 aromatic substances. Sounds like a lot? It is! Wine only has 500 identified aromas, much fewer than coffee. What is coffee roasting,…

Coffee Roast Levels

The 4 Types of Coffee Roasts Compared (Taste, Aroma, Brewing Differences)

Did you know that coffee beans acquire their characteristic flavor only after roasting?  Before roasting, coffee beans are green and taste like grass. Only after reaching one of the four types of coffee roasts will they look, smell, and taste like the coffee beans you are used to. Before I explain the difference between coffee…


Panama Carmen Estate Coffee: One of the Finest

Carmen Estate has been steadily producing high-quality coffee for over 50 years. Carlos Aguilera is the third-generation owner of his family’s estate and mill that was established by Efrain and Carmen Franceschi in 1960. Carmen consistently places within the top 5 at specialty cupping competitions each year, earning them a 91 rating on Coffee Review’s…

rainforest alliance certified coffee

What is Rainforest Alliance Coffee and is it worth it?

Coffee is an indispensable beverage and millions of people drink it every single day. Yet, drinking delicious coffee does not end there. Like all consumer products, coffee cultivation, and processing take a toll on our planet. So when you’re choosing which coffee to drink, it’s important to choose one that does the least amount of…

Ethiopian Coffee Banner

Evolution of Ethiopian Coffee From Wild Berries To World Class Brews

Danakil Depression, Lake Tana, and the Great Rift Valley are some of the breathtaking landmarks that you’ll find in Ethiopia. Rastafarians see the country as their birthplace. Some regard it as the sacred keeper of the Ark of Covenant and a piece of the True Cross, where Jesus was crucified in 33 A.D. But beyond…

brazilian coffee

Brazilian Coffee: Everything You Need to Know

Are you familiar with Brazilian coffee? Have you experienced what Brazilian coffee tastes like? Is Brazilian coffee stronger than coffee from different regions? What makes Brazil the “King” of coffee exports?  Let’s get to know more about Brazilian coffee that made Americans and other coffee-loving nations fall in love with it. We’ve tried to include…