Moustache Coffee Club Review

Are you looking for a more personalized single-origin coffee subscription? Do you need a coffee subscription to give as a gift to a fellow coffee lover? Do you want to upgrade your coffee experience with single-origin coffees? Are you ready to advance to a level beyond Starbucks Coffee Club?

Moustache Coffee Club is America’s no. 1 coffee subscription for their award-winning micro-lots, coffee beans roasted to perfection, and delivered at its peak freshness straight to your doorstep. It’s a subscription coffee company that curates single-origin coffee of superior quality and unique taste from different roasters worldwide. 

But before we brew the review, let us help you get to know how the Moustache Coffee Club works.

Getting Started with the Moustache Coffee Club Subscription 

Subscribing to the Moustache Coffee Club is easy. Here are some of the things to consider and steps to take when you create an account and begin your subscription.

How it works

When you visit the Moustache Coffee Club page, you’ll be immediately charmed with their customer service. They will provide you with some really simple instructions that we think you’ll like. 

Customize your Delivery

  • In this section, you’ve got to choose how much coffee you want to be delivered. You can choose between 6 oz and 12 oz. 
  • After choosing the size of the coffee, you’ve got to select when it is delivered. You can have the delivery frequency set up a few different ways: every week, every two weeks or every month.
  • Once you have customized your order, you can click JOIN.

If you’re still reluctant to go all the way to a full subscription, you can try their coffee for free.

Free Trial 

Moustache Coffee Club will ship a 6oz of their freshest roasted premium single-origin coffee. However, this free trial is only applicable to US members only. Once the trial is over, your account will be automatically set up to the Solo Artist plan that ships 12 oz of delicious coffee every two weeks. 

Change/Cancelation of Subscription

If you wish not to continue the subscription, you can change or cancel the subscription at any time. A Moustache Coffee representative will contact you by email before the proper subscription starts, so you’ll be informed as early as possible. Their customer service is fantastic.

How Much Does Moustache Coffee Club Cost?

Moustache Coffee Club has a straightforward coffee subscription plan. 

You can choose between two sizes (6 and 12 oz) with delivery frequencies of every week, every two weeks or monthly. The price for each bag is not affected no matter what delivery frequency you choose, which clears the cloud of doubt for an increased amount. 

So how much is an MCC coffee subscription? A 6 oz bag coffee subscription costs $13.00 or $2.17 per ounce while a 12 oz bag coffee subscription costs $ 22.00 or $1.83 per ounce.

They don’t offer any discount to make you commit to a more extended subscription. Why do they do it this way? Moustache Coffee Club wants you to continue the subscription because you like the coffee they deliver, not because you think you’ll only get a good deal if you commit to a long term service.

Moustache Coffee Club also offers a tasting series subscription that showcases rare coffees from 2 oz to 6 oz coffee bags. It’s a premium quality coffee you’ll share, but not everyone can afford to drink every day because the cost starts at $22 per 2oz.

Since MCC has a minimal supply of rare coffee for this tasting subscription series, this special subscription is exclusive to the first Tasting Series subscribers. The remaining lot for this rare coffee is offered to other members in the choose your coffee page

So if you’re interested in this limited edition coffee from the Tasting Series, wait for this coffee to be available for purchase as an add-on coffee bag.

Single-Origin Roasts from Moustache Coffee Club

Unlike other coffee subscriptions that offer coffee blends from different roasters, Moustache Coffee Club boasts its delicious coffee subscription with single-origin roasts from independent coffee farms known to produce the best quality coffee.

A single-origin roast significantly differs from blend because it has a unique character and tasting profile. It’s a specialty coffee carefully handpicked in small farms you can find scattered within equatorial countries or along the “ coffee belt.”  Such coffee may demand more from your pockets, but it promises you a lovely experience you can only get in this way.

Single-origin coffee beans are usually roasted lighter than more generic java. This brings out the subtle aromas and tasting notes unique to these regions. Single-Origin coffee may have a tea-like body and give a fruitier punch than the nutty, chocolate you’re used to. 

While it’s certainly more expensive, you get what you pay for. We think you’ll be transformed. With such great service, Moustache is the perfect way to spend a few days really exploring these unique beans before you decide if you want more or if you’re content with less expensive varieties.

Features & Benefits of Moustache Coffee Club

Moustache Coffee Club always looks for ways to up their game in delivering great tasting coffee to your doorstep on your schedule. Below are the coffee selections that we think will make your MCC subscription truly delectable.

Current Coffees Selections

Aprocassi of Cajamarca, Peru: 

A single-origin coffee with tasting notes of cherry, apple, and cane sugar.

El Limonar of Huehuetenango, Guatemala: 

A single-origin roast with tasting notes of dried fruit, honey, and plum.

Villa Clabelina of Antioquia, Colombia:

A specialty coffee of single-origin with tasting notes of strawberry, currant, and honey.

Gashonga of Rusizi, Rwanda:

A specialty single-origin roast with tasting notes of tangy orange, chocolate, and caramel.

Sumac Warmi of Cajamarca, Peru:

This specialty coffee from roasted single-origin coffee beans has tasting notes of grape, cocoa, and cinnamon.

El Eden of Huila, Colombia:

This single-origin coffee showcases a tasting note experience of lime and dark chocolate tones.

Los Angeles Decaf 2019 of Huehuetenango, Guatemala:

This decaf single-origin specialty coffee can overwhelm your senses with tasting notes of pear, caramel, and lemon.

Sao Francisco of Mantiqueira de Minas, Brazil:

This Brazilian single-origin coffee boasts tasting notes of citrus, white grape, and tartness

To see if single-origin coffee will be delivered on your next schedule, you can view it on your account page and see what MCC recommends based on your previous review. You can also personally pick from the coffee selection which specific specialty coffee you’d like delivered next.

If you’re worried that your current coffee subscription is not enough on “higher volume” days when you plan to have company, there’s an “add another shipment on this day” link that you can click to buy additional beans to be delivered on your schedule.

Yet, if you’ll be on vacation when a coffee shipment is scheduled, you can “skip shipping” on your coffee shipment. For such situations, you can always update your plan anytime. Bear in mind that MCC processes their orders every Saturday at 6 PM EST.

Starbucks Gift Card Exchange via Moustache Coffee Club

Have you ever  got a Starbucks gift card as a birthday present or an office incentive for a job well done? You don’t have to waste your unused Starbucks gift card balance just because you’re not a fan of Starbucks coffee. With Mustache Coffee Club, you can turn it into a premium coffee.

Really! You can convert your unused gift card balance into an equal amount of credit enough to buy a premium single-origin roast. To convert your Starbucks credit to your card dollar for dollar, visit this page for the gift card to dollar conversion.

Social Proof: What are Fans Saying about Moustache?

A lot of coffee lovers discovered the great-tasting specialty coffee Moustache Coffee Club offers. From their very first sample to their monthly subscriptions, the coffee experience is always unique and enjoyable.

Here are some of the club members who enjoy every single cup of MCC single-origin specialty coffee.


We have become quite the coffee snobs around here. And when I say “we” I really mean Ty 😂 But, that morning cup of joe just got even better with this @moustachecoffee subscription 😍 We’ll get a new bag of freshly roasted beans every two weeks!! And if they’re all as good as this past weeks, we are in for quite a treat!! #moustachecoffeeclub #ashlovesmugs #coffee


Smells good too. Can’t wait for my afternoon coffee. #moustachecoffeeclub


Recovering from Full Moon Friday with a little British Baking Show and quite possibly the best cup of coffee I’ve ever made! #happyplace #moustachecoffeeclub #imimpressed #fridayrefresh


Restarted my Moustache Coffee Club subscription! I love getting SUPER FRESH single-origin whole bean coffees delivered to my door every other week. They tell you the altitude, processing type, tasting notes, and even who the producer is. These coffees are so good, like nothing you’ve ever had before. #moustachecoffeeclub @moustachecoffee #coffee #coffeeconnoisseur #fresh #yum #coffeeaddict


Specialty Turkish Coffee today. First time using my new @specialtyturk hand grinder. What a difference it makes! Fresh ground specialty coffee from @moustachecoffee (Ethiopia Notissa) with preheated @thirdwavewater in my @bonavitaworld kettle. Brewed on my X stand, with a 1:10 ratio, 10-15 stirs (w/olive wood paddle), heat adjustability, 1:30min brew time. Doing it this way I was able to bring out so much sweetness from the coffee. No need for sugar! Making @turgayyildizli proud! #specialtyturkishcoffee #specialtyturk #moustachecoffeeclub #bonavitakettle #thirdwavewater #manualbrewonly #specialtycoffee #manualgrinder #coffeecoffeecoffee #coffeetime☕️ #coffee #homebarista #homebaristalife #coffeepics #coffeeofinstagram #coffeeoftheday #coffeeporn #coffeeobsessed #coffeeobsession #coffeeislife


Love the balanced sweetness from #guatamalancoffee hope we stay in Mexico a few more weeks #moustachecoffee #moustachecoffeeclub


This months tasty coffee and uber-hip pics. Santa Teresa does deliver on the grape flavors, a bit darker than expected but all around good cup #instacoffeegram #moustachecoffeeclub #coffee #coffeegram


Today I became a #moustachecoffeeclub man thanks to @tiptanks, and the lifestyle is one I have no argument with. Small batch and freshly roasted arriving at my doorstep. My mornings just got a major #upgrade

Alternative Coffee Subscriptions

If Moustache Coffee Club is a bit heavy on the budget, we understand. Luckily, there are many alternative coffee subscriptions that we can recommend. We’ve reviewed 25 subscriptions here and these are our favorite options: Otherwise, below are three that stand out:

Check out our TOP 25 Coffee Subscriptions to find out our favorites.

Crema has a different take on their coffee subscriptions. They allow you to add coffees in their collection to your “Coffee Playlist” before you activate the subscription and start the delivery. Each Coffee delivered to you is freshly roasted-to-order and shipped free.

Get $1 to $3 off on all coffee purchases. The proceeds go to support Alight, who are fighting the spread of the Coronavirus.

Subscription cost: $

You’ll receive: One bag of 12 oz or 5 lbs of Coffee depending on your roaster and coffee single origin of choice.

Trade Coffee

Coffee subscription in Trade is personalized after taking their quiz on how you like your Coffee. Trade will then curate the matches for you.

Subscription cost: $

You’ll receive: 12 oz bag of coffee beans (either ground or whole beans)

Grounds & Hounds Coffee

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. is not just a coffee company but a big supporter of organic, FairTrade with coffee farmers and animal rescue initiatives and organizations.

Subscription cost: Coffee Club: $$ plus shipping

You’ll receive: One 12oz bag of coffee beans per month depending on your subscription (available in 12, 24, 36, and 48 oz). Use coupon code BiCupofCoffee for an extra 15% of your order.


Coffee subscriptions help keep your coffee arsenals from running low. You can make your everyday brewing even more exciting when you subscribe to Moustache Coffee Club. It’s not just a coffee subscription. MCC offers you a fantastic coffee experience from every cup of specialty coffee that you brew.

Through MCC you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to drink your coffee knowing that it is the fruit of your hard work! You won’t be able to ignore how it was harvested and roasted to perfection. Moustache Coffee Club’s specialty coffee will elevate your coffee experience to something entirely new. You will experience coffee for, quite possibly, the very first time…again.

So the next time you look for a single-origin coffee, a unique coffee experience with tasting notes entirely unique, or a membership service that really understands their demographic well, try Moustache Coffee Club.

Have you tried the Moustache Coffee Club subscription? What coffee selection did you like best? Please share with us your coffee subscription thoughts at the comments below.

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